Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Toby took a half-day and came home to work on the house yesterday. I had my art girls here and could not help him until a bit later in the afternoon. My art girls worked like little bees on their art. They are a good group of young ladies, and I enjoy them. Working with Toby was good, but a bit cold, which I won't mention how much I hate the cold right now. About sunset, Jesse came riding up on her new motorcycle. Yep, you heard me right - another motorcycle. I will have to take pictures and get the type and make from her, because I have no idea what it its. It is more of a dirt bike that can be ridden on the street too. It has fat tires. She plans on selling the Ninja bike. I plan on her getting married someday.

All evening I was under the impression that Toby was taking today off to work on the house - right up until the alarm went off at 5:15 AM. I was wrong. He is taking another half-day, but not all day. I had no clothes ironed for him, and had to hustle this morning. I was hoping for breakfast in town when we took Jesse to work (she left her car in town and drove her motorcycle home). No, I had to make breakfast. Yesterday I told the Painted Ladies that I would not make it to paint today. Now I am re-thinking my morning. It is suppose to get up to 50 today and maybe 60 tomorrow - I think I will sunbathe - soak up the rays. I am afraid to enjoy these warmer days too much - knowing that another cold front will come.


Staci said...

I heard this morning that the weather is going to mess up the weekend. It's the winter that never ends!

AirmanMom said...

The DC area has set records for snowfall this winter! Fed Gov closed most of last week...I don't think this snow will melt until May...But I'm lovin it! July's humidity will be here soon enough!

Buck said...

A new mo'sickle! YES. This is what life is ALL about! ;-)

joyce said...

I hope you got to sunbathe. I did it as I was cold to the bone. Our computer fan broke, and so we have to blow a fan on it to keep it from shutting itself off. I set up the plastic chair in the back yard and about fell asleep along our south wall---staring at snow still not melted. Felt wonderful. Wish I had a lawn thingy to lay down on...

Kris, in New England said...

Hope you did the sun-thing. Take advantage of those days when you can. We haven't had one here in WEEKS and I'm feeling like a starved plant.

morninglady said...

Yep,The kids and I all stocked up on our rations of vitamin D from the sun today, that way we can make it thru anymore contrary weather :)
and tell that wild woman Jesse I said I'm happy for her and that new bike. Hope it brings her some good clean fun this summer! Who knows ya'll may have some biker dude as a son-in-law someday soon.

Bag Blog said...

Biker dude - right! As long as he can swing a hammer and nail a board he is welcome here.

Kris and Joyce,
The sun was great today - I was able to work outside without a coat. I felt like a new woman.

Around here, mo'sicles are the rage. Come on sunshine!

Airman Mom,
I'm feelin' for those in the DC area! And the Dallas area! And the ...So much for global warming.

I'm prayin' for some sunshine and hoping the rain misses us.

Bag Blog said...
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