Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunshine on My Shoulders...

The sun was shining and the wind was calm. We were able to work in just a long sleeve shirt. It was a beautiful day, and I needed it. Long about 4 PM, we hit a stump. My dad would have smoked a cigarette and had a cup of coffee from his thermos, but Toby and I had diet colas while we mulled over the problem. To me, 1/2 an inch is nothing to fret over, but then I'm a woman and measurement does not mean the same to me. Plus, I'm a slob. Toby pushed and pulled and pounded and re-did some things in order to fix the 1/2 inch that we were off. I took some photos of Jesse and the house. Jesse took off on her new motorcycle, but got it stuck in the mud. Yep, we got some mud around here - especially the pond spillway. Dusk was fast approaching, so Toby went down to get her out of the mud. Once she was out, she did some checkin' over her new bike. Zoe the Great Dane helped her. Here is the view from my living-room. My kitchen My bedroom. We are supposed to have another beautiful day - meaning we will hit it hard on the house today. Trusses will be here tomorrow (yeah right). Hopefully we will get them up on Saturday and Sunday.

The Way We Work:
Toby wanted to pop a chalk line on the deck to mark a wall. He handed me the end of the chalk line and walked across the room to his mark. Keep in mind that neither of us hears so well anymore. With both of us holding our line on our marks, I said, "Want me to pop it?" He did not answer, and I took that to mean, "Sure." About the time I picked up the string to pop it, Toby did the same, but he was quicker than I was. I totally screwed up the chalk line. He gave me that "what the heck" look and said as much, too. I gave him that "indignant" look and said, "I asked you… and you said nothing!" He said he answered me; I said, "NOT!" Before I could get reset, he popped the line again. I totally screwed it up again, but this time I started laughing – probably because he had that same WTH look. Before we could try it a third time, he had to roll the chalk line back up. He was mumbling something under his breath about no chalk, three times, etc. My shoulders were shaking with giggles. We got on our marks again. I loudly said, "I’m NOT popping the line. In fact, I may never pop a line again. It will be a cold day in hell before I pop a line!" He loudly said, "I think I will pop this line." Third time is a charm, but I broke out laughing again when I saw what a mess the three lines were. It’s how we work.


Buck said...

You're comin' right along with the house! Our WX broke yesterday, too, and I spent a few hours outdoors. But my "outside" time wasn't as productive as yours.

I see Jess bought a Yamaha TW200. I know very little about 'em, except for the fact my lil ol' bike... an XT200... had the same motor. The motor is bullet-proof and reliable as a brick but my bike was a white-knuckle experience on Houston/Austin/any-other-city-ya-wanna-name freeways. It was just too slow. Big Fun off-road, tho!

Bag Blog said...

I think it is the off road fun that Jesse is wanting these days.