Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I watched a little TV while my Internet was out – I had to get my news from the mass media. One day I saw a blurb about Driving While Texting – DWT the new DWI. Although I could not find it, the report gave some statistic that showed that DWT was the same as driving while drinking with point-something-or-other alcohol level in your blood. So, I initiated a safety meeting with Toby and Jesse (Toby never texts anyway).

Me: Did you know that driving while texting is the same as driving while drinking? It is the equivalent to point-something-or-other of alcohol in your blood.
Blank looks:
Me: So, I think we should make it a rule to never text while driving.
Jesse: I never text while driving!
Me: Good. No problemas then!
Toby: Can we text while drinking?
Jesse: Now that is dangerous!


AirmanMom said...

love. this. post!

Buck said...

Huh. I've yet to send my first text but I have received a few. Thus Spake The Luddite.

There's a quite graphic PSA out there about texting while driving that got a lot of exposure in the 'sphere a while back. Gory.

veriword: stedgxmf. Quite possibly the longest, ever. Also: the output from texting while drinking.

Buckskins Rule said...

While I do text, I've always managed to make it look difficult. My new phone has one of those "qwerty" keypads, thus it is impossible for me to send a text while driving (not that I want to anyway). I rarely ever talk while driving, either. That could be related to the fact that very few people call me...

Bag Blog said...

"stedgxmf" does sound like you were texting while drinking!

BR, I think I may be the slowest texter in the West. I have a deaf friend who is fast - and she texts me quite often. It makes me a better texter.

Mrs. Bear said...

I text all the time and will need to stop while driving...guilty as charged and I agree that it is dangerous. I think I may have received a few of the "texting while drinking" text from individuals...Can we be like Gomer Pile on Andy Griffith and call for a "Citizen's Arrest" if we see someone texting and driving? Citizen's Arrest!! Citizen's Arrest!!!!