Monday, February 08, 2010

Still Cold and Wet

Although my internet was restored on Saturday, I have been catching up with everyone rather than writing. Nothing exciting is going on right now, and my creative juices are just not flowing. The weather has been the pits with cold and rain being the norm. All house building has come to a stop. The forecast does not look good for any building the rest of the week. It is still a mess around here. I’m not complaining. People in Marlow, OK, are still without power. Electric companies are working hard, but it was an amazing ice storm that snapped electric poles and downed big trees. I really feel for people on the East Coast with all that snow.

I did do some painting the last week, but nothing worth showing – nothing finished yet. My Austin brother was in Wichita on Friday night to see Mom. We drove over to see him and his wife. We also went to my nephew’s soccer game, which was fun. The GGs went and were highly entertaining. We went to a Super Bowl Party last night at the Junk Diva’s house – always a good time. Although I am a Peyton Manning fan, I was not too disappointed in the Saint’s win. The game was a good one and the fellowship time was great. The food was excellent – we made jambalaya and cookies. The Diva made white chili and more.

I wanted to get something posted, but I still don’t feel quite in the loop. I wish the sun would shine and the ground would dry out.


joyce said...

glad to hear y'all are doing okay. our computer has decided to just shut down every ten minutes or so. lovely. I need to call the Geek Squad. we gave up trying to watch the superbowl. and thankfully, all the ads are featured on websites today so we can see the ones we missed. some are so creative.

Staci said...

It is just snowing to beat the band here in OKC right now. This snow is the "prettiest" one so far, and of course I forgot my camera today.

I talked to a friend in Lawton yesterday who was without power for 5 days. He said the worst part was... the in-laws stayed with them. :)

Buck said...

Our WX has been like yours except we managed one nice day out of the last two weeks or so. It's cold, gray, wet, and dreary here again today with snow in the forecast. That does wear a body down. I moved to NM to get AWAY from this krep. Aiiieee.

Hang in there, Lou.

Bag Blog said...

You too, Buck.

It is not snowing here, yet, but it is supposed to be coming this way.

I'm sorry for your internet problems. Did your son and DIL weather the weather ok in OK?

joyce said...

Yes, and they were thankful for a fireplace, gas stove and gas oven. and the Geek Squad does the work over the internet. it is amazing.