Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Building Stuff

With all of the help we had over the weekend, we still did not get’er done. It was not from lack of help or trying, but lack of supplies, good weather, and daylight. We have some of the sheathing on and some of the roof/decking on, but not all. Thanks to a bit of snow Monday night, I swept and shoveled snow out of the new addition yesterday. I was not a happy camper, but I was motivated to get that roof on and get’er dried in. This means that I may have to give up art this week. But hey, I’d do most anything not to have to shovel snow or sweep water. Did I mention that after we did lots of work on Saturday, it rained big time early Sunday morning? Before church, we were cutting the bottom plates out of the doorways and trying to sweep the water out of the new addition. It was work. When everyone showed up Sunday afternoon, the mud was deep around the house. Nice. I’m so ready for some warmer weather.

Jesse has posted some nice photos on her blog. She posted one of the building "crew," but she also has some funny pics from her trip to France – here and here. I have not taken any good photos lately. I do think Jes looks pretty cute in her work/cammo clothes – so I blew this pic up for you to see better. She and her brother were teasing each other – what else is new?

The lumberyard man just showed up with more lumber. Yeha! I may run over to visit the Painted Ladies before I have to work on the house this afternoon. The lumberyard man is very friendly. He seems to want to fish in our pond.


Buck said...

...I swept and shoveled snow out of the new addition yesterday.

Jeeze... you're not even finished building and already you're doing housework. Truly: A woman's work is NEVER done.

Nice pic.

veriword: crolky. Sounds British to me.

Bag Blog said...

I am truly a home maker. "crolky" could be Aussie.

morninglady said...

I guess the thought of building anything in February would freak me. Your made out of some tough stuff Lou :) and dried in sounds real good, Blessings to ya in that!