Saturday, March 06, 2010

6th Birthday on the 6th

Six years ago on March 5, I was substitute teaching at Comanche High School. It was lunch and I was sitting with several teachers whom I hardly knew, when I got a phone call saying that my daughter-in-law was being admitted to the hospital to have my first grandchild. It was a little early, but there were some complications and they were going to induce labor. Not easily rattled, I took in the information calmly saying I would head to The City when I could. Then I got off the phone sat there a minute and burst into tears. I can’t even tell you why – joy and worry were mixed together. The other teachers just stared at me open-mouthed. Between hiccups and tears, I tried to explain myself. When I told them my first grandbaby was on its way, they all said that I should leave immediately. I guess they knew I was not going to be much of a teacher the rest of the afternoon.

The family met together at the hospital in OK City. The birth was not as quick as we expected. GBN1 was born at 3 AM. March 6. Today is her 6th birthday on the 6th. She already called this morning to tell me it was her birthday, as if I didn’t know. She told me she wanted party hats, balloons, and decorations. We are eating at Red Lobster like Great-Gran did on her birthday. To say that GBN1 is a bit excited is an understatement. I’m excited too!
Happy Birthday, Lizzie! I love you beyond comprehension.


Buck said...

Happy Birthday Lizzie!!

Catherine MacDermott said...

Happy Birthday to that precious, precocious, smart little girl! She is so much like you Lou!