Monday, March 08, 2010

A Pirate Party

My kids used to love to eat at Red Lobster. Whenever we went to Albuquerque or Santa Fe, the kids would beg to eat seafood at RL. For some reason, it was always a special treat for them. It could have been the ship theme decorations or maybe the fascinating lobsters in the tank, but I think the biggest draw for my family was getting something different than the usual Northern NM food. Seafood was way different. I still remember the look on Jesse's face as she sucked down her first raw oyster...

Eating at Red Lobster is still a special treat – that is where GBN1 wanted to have her birthday dinner. Last year the family met at RL for Great-gran’s 79th birthday, and I think GBN1 thought it was pretty cool. Maybe that is why she chose RL for her party. Whatever her reasons for choosing RL, it was a fun party. Jesse made party hats, and I bought markers to decorate them. The GGs went to work on their hats as soon as we were seated. By the time we ordered, everyone was wearing a hat. GBN2 thought they were pirate hats and kept saying, "Augh!" She doesn’t say her R’s very well – so her pirate talk was pretty funny. Later Jesse filmed her singing, "Old Yellow," which is actually, "Old Yeller," if you are wondering. After our meal, we all met at the GG’s house for cake and opening presents. The cake was designed by GBN1, who drew a picture for her mother to decorate the cake to her specifications. The rest of the evening was spent playing with the presents – especially the Twister game, which was given by Aunt Jes.

Sunday was a lazy day at the Lazy B with just enough drizzle to keep me inside, but not enough to keep Jesse from her new bike. Toby piddled around in the new addition putting in electrical boxes. And of course there was the big-dog nap on a rainy day – can’t beat that!


Staci said...

I just love how excited the little ones get over having a birthday!

They are both cuties, for sure!

Junk Diva said...

Tell her Happy Birthday for me. That girl makes my heart smile. Looks like a fun party, that Aunt Jesse is a fun girl too. She should have called Chara to ride bikes, she has hers up and running again.

Buck said...

I like RL, too... coz it's the ONLY seafood available in these parts. But I love going to the coast for the local stuff.

How old was Jess when she ate her first oyster? SN3 was seven and he surprised the Hell out of me when he asked to try one of mine (we were in Florida). I had a dozen as an appetizer and wound up ordering a dozen more because he ate half of mine... and half of the next batch, too. Grandson Sean looked on in disgust... ;-)

I napped a lot yesterday too! Gray, rainy weather will do that to ya every time.

Great pics, as ever. What a bunch o' cuties!

Bag Blog said...

You should have seen her face when she saw us pull into the parking lot at Red Lobster!

I think Jesse's bike may need a new battery before they do much riding. And thanks, all our girls bring smiles to everyone.

Jesse was about 2 yrs old when she demanded an oyster like everyone else was having. Toby doctored it with lots of coctail sauce and leaned across the table with it on a spoon. Like a little bird, she reached up and sucked - the oyster went down before she knew what happened. Her reaction was a mixture of surprise and anger - I think she was angry that the oyster went so fast. My kids have always wanted to eat whatever we were eating - and we let them.

Buckskins Rule said...

A belated Happy Birthday to GBN1, Lou!

I haven't been to a Red Lobster in well over a decade (probably longer). I'm not even sure if there are any left in my neck of the woods. When I was a teenager, the big seafood restaurant in these parts was Sea Galley. They had good food.

Catherine MacDermott said...

And let me the FIRST to wish YOU the happiest of birthdays Lou! Much love,

Jo Castillo said...

Happy Birthday to GBN1. Looks like fun!