Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekend Report

We had very little excitement around here over the weekend. We worked on the house while the weather was nice - before it got too windy. The GGs came out and livened up our lives on Saturday. When they left after lunch, we all took naps. Even Jesse took a nap. Jesse has some nice photos over at her place of the GGs and a few old pics of her trip to France. Yep, she is taking photos and posting again, which is a good thing, but she has had very little traffic. Drop by and say hi to her. I linked both her pics individually and her blog for general purposes. If I just link her blog, then some day when I am looking back and re-reading this post I may want to see what specific photos I was referring to - that is the reason I did the individual links. Does that make sense? Here is a self-portrait she took on our Lubbock trip a week ago.

According to the Junk Diva's Daughter, the jury found the defendant guilty. She said the DA had a video of him robbing the Walgreen's. Duh! Why did he waste our time with a trial? I have to report in on Wednesday, but I doubt anything comes of this jury duty business. I was so hoping to see the jury thang all the way through to the sentencing or decision. There is still a chance I could get picked... I was thinking I would do some sketches in color this time.

Saturday evening Toby and I went to Lawton to the Home Depot - big date. Although we had a big list, we did not buy anything. Sometimes the HD workers can make you a bit crazy. So we moved on. Toby bought me a burger - big date - and we headed home.

While Toby and I were out running errands on Saturday, we had to drop by one of my friend's house. Right before we got there, Toby said, "Now we aren't staying long." For some reason, his remark went all over me - like I'm not 52 years old, and I need to be told how long I can visit or that I did not know how busy we were and might sit down to chat. I was quiet for a minute, weighing the consequences of my words. I knew that if I had said that to him, he would have been equally as irritated. I didn't really want to fight, but I didn't want to let it slide either. I couldn't help saying, "That makes me want to sock you in the stomach." Fortunately, I married well. I married a man who knows me well. I married a man who doesn't really like to fight - a man who will laugh and tease me instead. He said something like, "I'd rather you didn't sock me right now." And we both got tickled.

Jesse went to a play here in town rather than hang with us, which is good. I love having her around, but I like it when she is having fun with friends. She said the play was lots of fun - At least someone got some culture this week.


Buck said...

re: the self-portrait. You both have such gorgeous smiles. Ranger not so much. (That IS Ranger, right?)

Sometimes quiet weekends are the best weekends. IMHO.

Bag Blog said...

Yep that is Ranger the wonder dog. You wonder why you have him.

Junk Diva said...

You are such a scraper!

Maybe if you commit a crime you could see they process all the way through. Want help?

Mezzo SF said...

I love the re-design (late in that compliment, I know...but I do like it!) hope ya'll aren't too stormy out there this week!

Bag Blog said...

Diva, you could be my partner in crime.

Katy, It is good to see you here. No storms so far, but maybe later this week. It is a way of life in OK spring.

Jo Castillo said...

Gene takes me on dates to the UT Baseball games. We have season tickets. Ha. I like the new foggy look to your blog. Cool.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo. Hey how about a double date to baseball tournament in OK City?