Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What She Didn't Post

Jury duty is officially over. Darn it, I didn't get to do any more sketches or decide the fate of some criminal. The good news is that I am now free to babysit the GGs for several days while their parents are away. The mice will play and there will be photos upcoming.

Today I will swing by the Painted Ladies for a while before picking up the GGs this afternoon. I have my American Sign Language class later this evening - lots to do today. And I am already behind.
Last night Jesse, Toby and I sat around talking. She showed us some YouTube videos and told silly stories and made terrible fun of her parents. We all laughed till we had tears in our eyes. Somewhere there is a man for her - one who loves to laugh. I will leave you with some photos that she did not post, but I stole from her computer. There are a few pics from our Lubbock trip. We stayed with the Bear Family - Anny made Jesse promise not to post this photo, but she did not make ME promise anything :) We had Grandma's 80'th birthday in the hospital. That is Toby's sisters on either side of Jesse. The tall, beautiful blond is Toby's great-niece and her boyfriend behind her. Here is Jesse and Jessica at Texas Motor Speedway - which turned out a flop with all the rain that weekend. And yes, they did climb the rock in the background. Although the races were rained out, I think the girls still made things fun - they even did push-ups at the Army booth for a silly little cammo bag.


Buck said...

And here I thought The Duke was dead.

Great pics. I love the photos you and Jess post, Lou... they can be "down home" or artsy... but they're always good.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Buck. I love it when Jesse gets hold of the camera. She takes great shots. Too bad I have to go sneaking around to get them off her computer - heh!

Laurie said...

Hey Lou, I haven't checked around in awhile. Love the new blog format. Very beautiful and easy to read. Is that a canned template or your own photo on the background?

Bag Blog said...

Laurie, it is canned. I'm not smart enough with this blogger thang to do it on my own.