Monday, May 03, 2010

End of the Weekend

To finish off our weekend, we did some work around the Lazy B. Toby got on his tractor and plowed up the garden and graded the driveway. It took him a while since he had to change plows and blades. While he did yard work, I worked on the house by putting black tar stuff on the seams of the sheathing - a nasty, mindless job. There is a reason my father's nickname for me was "Dirty Lil." When I work, I get totally immersed in my job. I managed to get black tar stuff all over me - even on my tooth - causing Toby to laugh and say I looked like a hillbilly. Years ago I did some kitchen work at Texas Red's. By the end of the evening, my apron was covered in food. The other kitchen help suggested that I wear a trash sack and cut out holes for my head and arms - it would be easier to just throw the sack away rather than washing aprons.

Jesse came home from her Frisbee golf game and joined me working with the black tar stuff. I hate to say it, but the apple does not fall far from the tree. We both threw away our T-shirts rather than trying to wash them later. The trash sack idea is sounding pretty smart.
Here are a couple of paintings from this last week. Still trying to paint people.
Now and then I try to paint an iris, because they are just so beautiful this time of year.


Christina LMT said...

My mom always managed to get spaghetti sauce on her clothes somewhere, every time she made it. That was while wearing an apron, too! It just didn't seem to matter.

Lovely pictures, I think you're doing fine painting people, to judge by the beach scene!

Laurie said...

Love the beach scene! And the black tooth made me giggle.

Buck said...

I managed to get black tar stuff all over me - even on my tooth - causing Toby to laugh and say I looked like a hillbilly.

THAT was picture-worthy, methinks! I generally make a mess out of myself while doing dirty work, too.

Your beach scene is cool in that you captured the motion effect very well.

I like the iris, too. Interesting color! My irises are getting ready to burst into bloom. One white one is already out but I haven't been able to photograph it yet... the wind's too strong. The thing is bobbing and weaving like Mohammed Ali in his prime.

Junk Diva said...

Love your paintings, Iris are one of my favorite flowers too. So pretty.

When i worked in the oilfield ( years ago) I would get dirty just gauging a tank. While the mechanic never got dirty, he had a much dirtier job. I ask him why he never got dirty he said " Your suppose to work ON it not IN it " Oh!!!!

Hope you have pretty toes!!!!

Bag Blog said...

Christina, I know just how your mother feels.

Laurie, since I am an Okie, calling me a hillbilly is not so far off.

Buck, I will try to take pics next time we work with the black tar, but in the meantime just picture Briar Rabbit. The iris painting came from a photo in "Southern Living" magazine - I liked the color.

Diva, My toes are lovely.