Friday, May 28, 2010

Racoons and Baseball

I’m headed to the big Barker Family Reunion today, and I have ten-jillion things to do before I leave. Being the procrastinator that I am, I should have done more yesterday (and I did do a bit) but instead I prepared mentally. Toby and I took off at noon and went to The City, met up with blog buddy, Jo and went to the Big 12 Baseball tournament (like we did last year). We watched Texas Tech and UT in the first game – TT won. Then we watched A&M and Missouri in the second game. We actually left about halfway through the second game since we had to drive home and Toby had to work today, but A&M was putting it on Missouri. Gig ‘em! With a TT win and an A&M win, I am ready for the reunion. Many of my cousins are Aggies (we used to have our family reunions at Aggie football games) and many other cousins are Red Raiders. So now I am pumped for the family reunion.

The GGs also came to the game last night. Yes it was like sitting with raccoons – climbing the seats, touching everything, wanting to eat everything – wild! Six bucks for a bag of popcorn was a bit much, but the GGs loved waving down the vendor. GBN1, being older, was a bit reserved with Gene and Jo, but GBN2 didn’t know a stranger. In fact, she climbed the seats to get to some stranger sitting nearby because he was eating chili fries. She stared him down with her big baby blues, but the man was not willing to share. Between games we went to eat with Jo and her husband. I tried to make the raccoons perform their tricks by asking GBN2 to sign her name. Much to Gene and Jo’s delight, GBN2 replied that she could not sign with her mouth full. At the end of the evening when the GGs were leaving, I asked GBN2 if she would give Jo and Gene a hug. She held her hands very close together and said, "Just a little one." There is just never a dull moment with those two.

I’ll try to get some good pics and stories to report after this weekend’s reunion. May you all have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Weekend, and remember those who served their country and made it all possible.


Buck said...

Have a good time at the reunion, Lou. Be safe and keep your eyes peeled for crazies... it's the first long weekend of the year, and they'll be out and about.

You're much braver... or sumthin'... than I, taking young girl-chillun to a ball game. "Short attention span theatre," and all that.

Laurie said...

LOL!! Too cute!

Jo Castillo said...

Ahh, such fun last night. It was so good to see you. Thanks for coming and we hope to see you this summer! Your family is super. We need to meet Jesse now!

Jo Castillo said...

The Aggies won the tournament for you. I'm glad it was a Texas team. :) We are home and Gene is cooking steaks.