Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Barker Family Reunion 2010

The Barker Family Reunion went off without a hitch other than the heat this weekend. Past reunions have been held in RR and were much cooler. Although Cousin T had a great house with a beautiful park outside his back gate where younger cousins fished and played volleyball, I think future reunions will be in the mountains again. It was nice to have some of the elder Barkers at this reunion that might not have made it to the mountains. None of the Louisiana cousins came, although having the reunion in WF was partially for their benefit. They were missed – they were talked about.
Here are some pics from the weekend.
The Uncle Bubba,oldest Barker and Jadyn, the youngest of the clan.
Barbara, the oldest girl cousin – people say we look alike although B is about a foot taller. We definitely laugh alike, which is a bit scary. Judy, the next oldest girl cousin – the Queen as we refer to her. Me and Patti - cousins and best friends. Patti was my runnin’ buddy and my maid of honor. She recently retired from teaching so maybe we can spend some time together in the future.
Joe, the second oldest cousin and Weej, his wife - part of the Ohio Cousins whom we rarely saw growing up. I do remember the first time I met Joe - he was home from Vietnam (Purple Heart) and came to TX with his little brother. I was about ten years old at the time and thought they were hippies, if I had ever seen 'em! Joe and Weej are always fun, even if Weej did not make her usual batch of dirty martinis. Next time!

On Sunday, we had a family church time. Fred read out names of those in the family who have passed away. As he read the names, we were told to say a word or two that describes that person. First he read our grandfather's name, aka, Popoo. Someone told that Popoo gave them ducks one Easter - much to the cousin's delight. At Thanksgiving he killed and cooked the ducks - to their horror. I never knew my grandfather, but I thought this was very funny. My kids would have thought this was normal stuff.
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Buck said...

Great pics, Lou. I see the resemblance between you and Barbara.

wv: deelli. "That looks like a fun deelli!"

Bag Blog said...

It was fun - everyone brought their own beer - deelli!

Jo Castillo said...

Love the duck story! Looks like you had fun.