Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cheap Show

Sometimes I just don't manage my time very well. Friday is the Gabriel House Dinner and Auction where several of us artists are donating paintings. Yesterday, I worked to get some paintings framed and matted. Although I got my paintings pretty much ready, I have paintings, mats, frames, etc. all over the house. Toby must really love me to come home, fix his own dinner, and eat it around my art stuff. On the other hand, it is probably good incentive to get the house finished and have more room.

As if I were not busy and needed to do lots around the house, we shucked it all and took the GGs to the movies last night. "How to Train Your Dragon" was showing at the cheap theater. I bought three adult tickets and two children tickets and popcorn - all for about twenty bucks. I love the cheap show. It was GBN1's second time at a theater and GBN2's first time. They did very well. GBN1 wanted to talk about the movie - all through the movie. GBN2 just wanted to drink the big soda that Toby bought. I'm not sure what they thought of the movie, which was pretty cute, but they had a great time out on the town. I took a horrible self-portrait with my new camera. I just don't have the hang of the self-portrait like Jesse, but here it is.


joyce said...

I had heard it was a cute movie. Maybe I should take Bob? Toy Story 3 comes out this weekend. and our firstborn is named, Andy.

Buck said...

I took a horrible self-portrait with my new camera.

Well... I think it's pretty cool. And at least ya didn't wait until tomorrow night to do the framing stuff. I know people who would have. ;-0

Bag Blog said...

I knew I had a busy day today and had to get the paintings ready to take in tomorrow. I still need to put hanging wires on the back.

I would like to see Toy Story myself. Maybe the GGs will get to go to two movies this year - yeha!