Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Report

The weekend was a busy one. Friday afternoon, we went to OK City to kick around, do some shopping, and attend a Redhawks game. We celebrated Bo's birthday along with his best friend Kris, who has the same birthday. While shopping, Toby bought me a new camera. I'd been wanting one for a while since my Canon Sure Shot was old and slow. I wanted a small camera that was easy to carry, but one that had lots of new features. Jesse has a big nice Canon, so we needed a small point and shoot. I got a Canon Power Shot SX210 IS. So far, I am pretty tickled with it. I did not get to take photos at the Redhawks game with my new camera, but maybe Jes will post some since she took her camera.
Saturday we went to WF to do some work around Mom's house. Toby put a new tail-light in her minivan, fixed a sticky door in the house, and then re-did her planter box. He is the good son-in-law. The original planter had been built by my dad and re-done several times through the years. My brother, Mom and I were laughing at how Dad had used all sorts of scrap lumber to build and mend the box, and I added, "Happy Birthday Dad!" Then we all teared up.
Sunday, Jes and Toby got out their motorcycles. Toby wanted to wash his, take photos, and put his on Craig's list to sell. Jesse washed her and rode it around a bit. She decided it was just to "sweet" a bike to sell at this point. This is her riding it back to the barn after washing it. Yes, she normally wears lots of riding gear/clothes, but this was just riding through the pasture from the house to the barn. We also did some work on the house - putting up chicken wire for the stucco. It was rather warm and humid.
Later, Jes and I went to the movies to see "Robin Hood," which I thought was wonderful, but then I am a big fan of Russell Crowe. We met several friends there and had a great time.

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Buck said...

Well I didn't get beyond "Power Shot SX210 IS" before I had to go off and google it. You left out the important bits, Lou: silver, purple, or black? ;-) And I see it does 720p movies, too. So you have NO excuse not to learn how to put stuff up on the Tube of You now and post 'em here on the blog. It ain't hard.

We assume today's pics were taken with the new camera? Nice shots! I know... I know... I'm such a freakin' geek.

Bag Blog said...

The purple was actually an odd pink, so we went with the Gold. The store did not offer me silver - hmm! Yep, I'm going to try the videos, which was one of the main reasons we chose this camera. Actually, only the shot of Jes and Toby was taken with the new camera; Jesse had her big camera out taking pics of the motorcycles so I used it for the shot of her.

Buck said... we went with the Gold.

Good choice. You notice I kept my opinion on the colors to myself? I'd have gone with the gold or black, too. Or silver. And vids are fun! Unless ya make the cheesy kind, of course. ;-)

Bag Blog said...

I was planning on sitting outside while drinking beer and smoking a cigar - maybe trying to catch an upcoming storm with my video camera. Is that cheesy?

Buck said...

Can't get any cheesier!