Friday, June 18, 2010

Coffee and World Cup

I'm watchin' a little World Cup this morning with my cup of coffee. Did you know that I played soccer in high school? I was the left wing. It was the first girls soccer league in Wichita Falls. We played through the Girls Club as we did most sports back then, because a big AAAAA high school like WFHS didn't have any girls sports other than tennis and swimming. Oh yeah, they passed Title Nine giving girls equal opportunity. My senior year WFHS then added track and golf - thanks a lot. Can you tell that was a sore spot with me? Thank goodness for the YWCA and the Girls Club; they offered us volleyball, softball, basketball, and eventually soccer. I was game for any team sports. The WFHS girls soccer team won "City" my senior year. We gave the trophy to our high school - what else were we going to do with it? I do have some crazy stories about that year - like being short of players for one game, and the coach of the other team allowed my little 13 year old brother to play with us. They thought he was a little girl. Anyway after he scored his third goal, the other coach decided he couldn't play after all. Pete has a whole other version to this story, but I was not nearly as tough as he thought I was. Basically, the other team started calling Pete names when he started scoring, and they got a bit rough with him. Lets just say that didn't go over well with me and my teammates.

You could say that I was a part of the girls who started the whole soccer program in WF. Did you know that Mia Hamm grew up in WF and played soccer there? Did you know that my brother coached her on an all star team? You are welcome, Mia.

We were living in McAllen, TX, when Mexico hosted the World cup back in the 1986. It was very exciting times down on the border. Later when the USA hosted the World Cup, Bo kept statistics and scores like a pro. My brother bought Bo a German T-shirt at one of the Dallas games. Bo wore it until it rotted and fell off his body. Yep, we like us a little soccer and especially the World Cup.


Buck said...

Well, I didn't know ANY of that! ;-)

My feelings for soccer are about equal to your feelings about hockey. Except you watch a LOT more hockey than I do soccer.

FWIW: I was a right-wing in junior high, at Ankara American High School (that's in Ankara, Turkey). We lost EVERY single game we played. Those Turks grow up with futbol and they cleaned our clocks. Badly.

Junk Diva said...

You are so cool. Who knew? Would loved to have seen the rumble, when you protected your little brother, I can see it now.

joyce said...

so, do you understand how some ref called a play and does not have to explain what the USA player did?

I don't understand the reforee calls at all.

Bag Blog said...

Since you are always one to march to your own drum, I would think you would like soccer more - especially if you ever played - no matter how bad your team was.

You really need to hear the story from Pete's point of view.

The Cheater Ref in yesterday's game made me rant all day. He really should have pointed out whom he called the foul, but even then, he probably would not have taken it back. Instant replays are not allowed.

joyce said...

do players play the whole game, or do they allow substitutions like they do in football and basketball?

I need a course in soccer 101

Anonymous said...

... cool..... however, I have to admit that I much prefer the Rugby World Cup....


Bag Blog said...

While in Scotland, I watched some rugby and some cricket and of course, soccer.

Back in my soccer days, we were able to substitute players during pauses in play when we got the ref's attention. I think it is more serious than that in real soccer - like they have certain times they can bring in a player.

Mike said...

Substitutions are one of those things that change depending on the level you are playing at...if you a bunch of 6 year olds running around picking dandilions, it's pretty much any team can sub at any break in play (throw in, goal kick, corner kick, or kick off) as many times as they want. When you get a little older, it's a little more restrictive...still unlimited substitutions (usually) but now you're limited when you can do them...usually only on kick offs, goal kicks, or your own throw ins.

At the international level (or professional English Premier League/Bundesliga/Serie A grade leagues) you are restricted to three substitutions per match...this includes substitutions for injuries, so often if a player just needs to come off for a short time to get a cut bandages or a cramp treated, his side will just play a man down until he can come back onto the field. This makes your starting lineup rather more important than other sports where you have unlimited substitutions, since at most, 8 of your starters (7 if you assume the keeper will be playing the entire game) will play the entire game.

As for the referee's call...I've played since I was 5, reffed since I was 12, and been an avid follower of the sport that entire time. That was easily one of the top 5 worst calls I've ever seen at the international level, and probably ranks higher than that. The caliber of officiating this tournament has been..."mixed," to say the least. There have been some very well refereed games, but there have also been some real doozies.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Mike. I agree on the WC reffing.