Monday, June 21, 2010

Dad's Day

Father's Day was pretty much forgotten until we got to church yesterday. Poor Toby. Jesse posted a nice Father's Day photo on her blog of Bo and GBN1. Since June is such a busy time for our family with all the birthdays (several cousins, Bo, Jes, Dad, Toby's dad) and our anniversary, I started not to post on Father's Day. But with all the important dates in June, I have had lots of reminders of Dad these last few weeks and decided to go ahead and re-run this photo.
June was also the month that we loaded up the vehicles and took off for the mountains. Each and everyone of those trips was an adventure. My sister recently reminded me of playing the alphabet game with Dad - he was super good and ruthless - no giving us kids a chance. He also taught us to sing songs like "I've Been Working on the Railroad, " "the Aggie War Hymn," and other little ditties - some probably not so proper for little kids. I get tickled thinking of us kids belting out, "Now you roll a silver dollar 'cross a bar room floor and it rolls because its round...a woman goes from man to man like a dollar goes from hand to hand...I really mean it..." Aieee! The stories I could tell you of some of those trips across Texas and New Mexico!
I have to say that my dad provided us with a very interesting childhood and some great times. He was not perfect, but he did love us and always meant well. I understand that now. Dad was not just a father to us, he was a father figure and teacher to all young people. I can remember being jealous of the time my father gave to other kids, but then, I got used to it. Loving other people's kids became the norm and something he seems to have passed to me. Although, I have not made a career of it as he did. Yep, he passed lots of things down - some good - some not so good. Thinking of Dad makes me long for the mountains.


Buck said...

That's a good pic of your Dad and just cries out to be larger.

We have something else in common... I learned a lot stuff as a child people would think inappropriate for a child, too. From BOTH my parents!

Fire Fox said...

Glad you have such great memories of your Dad! I miss mine very much. I was the milk man's daughter! Glad to see you are still up and running... regards,

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I posted this pic a few years ago, and just stole it off the old post. I think that is why it will not enlarge.

Alison, It is always good to hear from you. How is the East Coast this summer?