Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Backing Up a Bit

I watched more soccer yesterday before I left for step class. It was an okay game, but later in the day, I watched Spain and Honduras. Several things impressed me; First, I loved the way Honduras belted out their National Anthem. Although they were off key and sounded terrible, they sang out with enthusiasm. We Americans could learn from them. Second, Spain played like a well-oiled machine. I was amazed that they did not score more goals, because they certainly dominated the game. Third, Spain has the hottest players I have seen so far. I know where Jesse needs to take her next vacation.

Last Saturday morning, we worked on digging a footing for our front porch. I seem to be able to work a shovel and dig a footer with the best of ‘em. We did most of the work in the morning since that side of the house was in the shade. Later, we went to Lawton to buy concrete for the footer. After a visit to the lumberyard, we decided to try a new place for dinner. A friend had told me about an Italian restaurant called Bianca’s on 2nd Street just north of Gore. This little restaurant has been there since 1952. It turned out to be a fun place - kind of funky in a 1950’s sort of way. The building itself was low and flat with few windows. Inside it was dark and cool. The tables had red checkered table clothes. Along the walls were red booths with red lanterned lights. There was also a counter with old-fashioned red bar stools. Toby and I opted for the pizza, which was good, but nothing to write home about (or blog about). But we did have their antipasto appetizer (is that redundant?). We tried the house dressing, which I was not expecting a dressing necessarily. It was a garlic, vinegar and oil type dressing – it was so good that I was sopping it up with my bread. I thought about licking the plate. I think I could have made a meal just from the antipasto and bread. Anyway, it was a fun place, and we will go back. Next time, I think I will try the spaghetti with garlic butter sauce and anchovies.

Yesterday evening, Toby wanted to mix and poor the concrete footer. Jesse and I talked him into waiting until about 7 PM to do this since the footer/porch was in the hot afternoon sun – and it was hot yesterday – and it was the longest day of the year. I’m glad we waited until late evening to work. Although we had some shade, sweat poured off my head and into my eyes. Cement dust and sweat makes you feel rather stiff and nasty, but we got ‘er done. Next, we get to lay block. All of this has to be done so that the serious concrete men can come and pour steps and other slabs around the house. Do you think they will want to hire me?


Buck said...

I think I could have made a meal just from the antipasto and bread.

I can... and I have. It helps when the restaurant has several varieties of antipasto (antipasta?). "One of each, please!"

It was hotter than Hades here yesterday, too, and we had more t-storms. I think the jet stream forgot it belongs somewhere up in Canada... not down in Mexico.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I thought it was "antipasta" but then I googled it and came up with "antipasto."

We are not getting any storms - darn it.