Monday, June 07, 2010

Hollyhocks and Poppies

I don't know what was up with Blogger today, but it was not up. Several times this morning, I tried to post, but Blogger was not running. I wish I were more of a computer expert, but basically I am a monkey. I can do what I am taught to do. Sometimes, while reaching for a banana, I actually make something work right. Most of the time I need my trainers to help me, although I will try things on my own. Yet, I look down my monkey nose at those who can "only do email." After all, I am a blogger and have been for over five years. It just goes to show that if I can blog, anybody can blog. A monkey by any other name is still a monkey.
Last Thursday, we painted at Jean's house. Her hollyhocks were blooming, and I do love hollyhocks. I think they may be my favorite flower - probably because they remind me of New Mexico. Flowers are not my thang. I can kill most any plant. Cactus is what I do best, but I did have hollyhocks in NM. I may have mentioned this before, but after a year in OK, we went back to do some work on our house in Questa. My hollyhocks were tall and gorgeous. For whatever reason, I burst into tears when I saw them - great huge hups! Don't know what was up with that. Toby thought I had lost my mind, but there was just something about seeing my hollyhocks and missing my mountains. Anyway the Painted Ladies each painted the same hollyhocks, but different colors. Yellow was my designated color. We may do a quad-painting with them. As usual, I finished before everyone else and did a little poppy painting. Now I can knock out some poppies in no time.


Junk Diva said...

Love the hollyhocks they are great, I like the poppies also. I am a fan of both.

Buck said...

I like the poppies best. Mebbe it's the season or sumthin'.

I had a stand of hollyhocks beside my driveway when I lived in Ferndale (Dee-troit). They'd always start out like a house afire but were afflicted with some sort of rust or other pest that killed 'em off about a week after they began blooming. Every single danged year... for ten years. I tried everything known to man and eight garden centers and never figgered out what it was. Yet they always came back. Go figger.

They were pretty while they lasted, tho.


Just so you know, blogger has been working on and off all week.

Your paintings are lovely as well!

Bag Blog said...

Diva, You should plant some hollyhocks around the pool.

Buck, my NM hollyhocks lasted all summer, but my OK flowers tend to wilt in the heat.

Happy, Thanks for kind words on the paintings.

Staci said...

My hollyhocks were great last year - dark red, pink, cream - but this year I guess it just got too hot too fast or something, because they kinda wilted as they bloomed.

I love the poppies! I seriously considered buying something similar down in Paseo this spring; glad I didn't because I would have been really disappointed in it once I saw yours. Beautiful!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Staci. This painting is actually very small. I call them bathroom paintings. They fit anywhere especially bathrooms.

Towanda said...

I love hollyhocks - am still trying to find time to get some planted in New Mexico, becausse they seem to grow like weeds here.

José said...

Hi there,

Some really great paintings.
Although I seldom paint with watercolour, I do like it for the "luminance" that lends to artworks.
You know, when I see a Radio Flyer, it always gets me curious about its name: how the heck did they come up with a name like that for this kind of object !?
I know the brand from the movies, but only recently I saw that here in Portugal.

Kind regards,


Bag Blog said...

Welcome Jose, I have no idea where the name Radio Flyer came from, but it would be interesting to find out. I'll try google. Thanks for dropping by and your kind words.