Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Must Tell Tale

I must tell this tale, because sometimes someone, a stranger, surprises you and brightens your day.

Yesterday while having lunch with Mom and my SIL, Debbie, my mom discovered that she did not have her wallet or money with her. She had been to the bank that morning to get cash, but now it was not in her purse. Of course, the big search ensued. We must have dug through her purse a dozen times. She pulled out an envelope, a bill, that she thought she had mailed, but the envelope of money from the bank was not in her purse. When we searched the car, we found her wallet in the back seat, but no money. I thought for sure that someone had helped himself to the envelope of money since the car was unlocked and parked in front of Mom’s house. Although Mom lives in a nice neighborhood, it would have been very easy for someone to reach in and take the bank envelope and keep on going. In her old neighborhood, they would have taken the whole car.

Then Mom had a flash. She said, "I must have mailed the wrong envelope!" Now Mom was pretty upset that she had done this. You know how it feels to do something dumb, but it is even worse when it invloves money. It could have happened to anyone - I know. So, I called the post office. Eventually, I was connected with whomever was suppose to pick up the mail in that particular area. I explained that my mom had just gotten money from the bank and then gone to mail a letter (one of those drive-by mail bins), but mailed the money instead. I told him how much money was in the envelope in case he wanted to make sure our claim was legit. Then I asked him, " What can we do about it?" His answer, "We can split it fifty-fifty!" That so caught me off guard; I burst out laughing. The postman turned out to be very nice and very helpful and got Mom her money out of the mailbox.

My SIL, Catherine, sent some photos that she had taken at the family reunion. She titled this one "Kissincuz" – Jesse kissing her younger cousin, Eric. It reminded me of younger days – when my brother and I (especially my brother) would run and hide from The Aunts who demanded a kiss. Being kissed by an older relative was just a bit creepy for us kids. Jesse said that when she went to kiss Eric, she thought he would act all horrified. But as you can see, he didn’t seem to mind too much.


Buck said...

Eric's a smart boy. He'll go far.

And who knew the USPS was so helpful? Actually, I know. The folks at my local post office are pretty cool, too. I think that's part of "small town syndrome," though.

Buckskins Rule said...

Lou, I think there are more good people in the world than bad. Unfortunately, good folks don't make for sensational headlines, so we are less likely to hear about it.

Bag Blog said...

This USPS is in Wichita Falls - not exactly small town, but not gi-normous either.

There are lots of good people. I just love it when one unexpectedly makes you lol.