Friday, July 30, 2010

Concrete Fairies

Here are my promised paintings. B brought the flower photos for us to paint. They all painted the Indian Blankets. As usual, I painted two paintings to their one. It is probably because I do not do as detailed a drawing as they do, and I am not as careful. I probably should be, but I’m not.
Thursday the art girls (my longtime students) came. They were like a refreshing rain. Due to other things, I have not painted with them for a month, and I was missing them. I didn’t do much painting while they were there, but after they left, I did throw a pot on the wheel. Yes!

Toby brought home more building materials, but we did not do any building last night. He worked on our bikes to get ready for the Duncan Dehydrator, which is tomorrow. He and Jes will ride 53 miles, which happens to be his age. I will ride 27 miles, which is my age – ha!

We have been waiting for weeks on the concrete guys to pour a slab for our outdoor kitchen and patio. Not long after they agreed to do it, a trailer full of building supplies showed up in our yard. A few weeks later, it disappeared. Then a couple of weeks ago a pile of lumber showed up in the yard. Then Thursday morning a different trailer was parked in the yard. But we have not seen anyone pick up or deliver this stuff. It just shows up and disappears. What could this mean? Are there concrete fairies at work? Will I wake up one morning and have a patio? One can only hope.


Andy said...

Lou, as always the paintings are beautiful.

You artists just kill me. My Mother was/is quite a talented artist. She owned a large art supply store in Shreveport until she retired about 15 years ago.

I loved to watch her teach the students...gave it a rip a time or two myself. But, I just ain't got it.

Be careful in that Dehydrator deal. I'm assuming the ride is aptly named.

AirmanMom said...

such talent is a gift!
I've been reading the books, Flower Fairies of the Garden with my grandgirls...lovely collection!
Enjoy the weekend!

Buck said...

I probably should be, but I’m not.

Disagree. Respectfully, of course. Since we're on about ol' sayin's today I'll throw another out there: "The proof is in the pudding." Your technique produces wonderful and brilliant results and that's what counts.

What Andy said about the DD.

Kris, in New England said...

Painting. Throwing pots.

When do we get pics of the pots???

And the flowers - well they are gorgeous as usual. Love the white one. You can almost smell it.

Jo Castillo said...

These flowers are great. It is so hard to make the blankets look delicate. Good job. I didn't know you throw pots. Cool... Or is it the other kind and Toby has to duck? (another evil grin)

Jo Castillo said...

I had to come back and say that is a great photo of y'all, too.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Jo. I learned to throw pots back in high school and loved it. Toby bought me a wheel a few years ago, but I have not done much on it until recently. Toby has ducked a few times.