Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Dehydrator 2010

The Duncan Dehydrator, which benefits the Duncan School Bands, went off well with lots of riders and new friends made. My ride was fairly easy - Toby and Jesse's was not so easy. As the race started, a young friend joined us with his new bike, but his tires were very low. Since I hate starting with the crowd anyway - sort of dangerous for those who clip into the pedals - we zipped back to the truck to air up his tires. I was expecting Toby and Jes to go on, since they were riding 50 miles rather than my 27. Most of the long distant riders were further up front at the start. But Jes and Toby decided to wait and ride with me until the 50 milers and the 27 milers divided. It was very nice of Toby to ride with me, but not wise. It put him and Jes toward the end of the pack in the long distant riders and more in the heat.
I finished my ride at 10:15 and went inside the Simmons Center for a shower. From working on the house last week, my shoulder has been out of wack - my collar bone has been hurting causing me to stiffen up and hold my shoulder odd, which causes my muscles to be cramped. Bike riding his hard on your shoulders and neck anyway. Since Moore Massage Therapy was offering short massages for a five dollar donation to the Duncan Band, I got a little massage - it was wonderful. Then I got my lawn chair and sat outside in the shade to wait on Jesse and Toby. It was a long wait. They had decided to do the 100K instead of just the 50 miles. The heat index around noon was 113. They did finish the race with a nice little group of riders/friends, but they had me worried and prayerful. It reminded me of this horrible day of waiting on Toby and Jesse to kayak down the Red River. It took them all day, and they were fried and thirsty by the time I found them.
We came home and took naps. Toby's leg cramped up a few times, but this morning he is doing much better (Jo, tell Gene that Toby ate his mustard). Jesse said she wanted to get new bike shorts with more padding. Me, I want another shoulder massage.


Buck said...

All y'all are lookin' good! I'm glad things went well... at least ya didn;t have any flat tires this year!

Andy said...

Lou, thanks for the full report.

You're a better man than I am. (Nyuk!) There is no way beneath God's blue sky that I would try to bicycle 27 miles.

In fact, in that kind of heat I'd likely not risk a car trip...even with the AC working.

I was once in really good shape. Now, I'm just a shape.

Anyway, I'm glad y'all all survived, and raised some money for the Band kids...and made a couple of memories, I'm sure.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, you are right, not having any flats is something to be thankful for.

Andy, there were approximately 500 bicyclers in Duncan, which is nothing compared to the Hotter'n Hell Hundred at the end of August in Wichita Falls. There will be 14,000 bikers/crazy people there. If I were "in shape" I would be doing much more than 27 miles, but basically my shape is round.

Jo Castillo said...

Oh, I was wondering about this when I was sitting on the porch having coffee with a flannel shirt on. (evil grin)

Glad you had some mustard! Gene is still taking his and I do occasionally when I stand too long painting.

Good for you guys to finish and help out the band kids.