Tuesday, August 03, 2010

More Life with Jes

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love having Jesse around more. First of all, she is just a big help around here – working on the house, yard work, cooking, cleaning, etc. Second, we encourage each other with our art. She has started an oil painting and has been throwing pots on the wheel. She posted pics of the pots on her blog here. She has also posted some photos of the new cat and the new part of the house.
Not only does she encourage me to be more active, she encourages her dad as well. They have been riding their bikes together and have started some new projects – like a solar oven. They come up with some new idea, do a bit of research on the Internet, and then they are off to the barn to put something together. I should also say that Bo has been out several times to work on projects in the barn – like bicycle stuff. This could turn out to be a family affair.

Jes has also been cooking more – and not just any cooking, but new and funky recipes. She and her dad were much encouraged by the movie Julie & Julia. We had to drive over to WF to go to a "good" grocery store and buy special food stuff. Several times she has gone to WF and spent time with my mom, which is fun for both of them.

Yesterday, we went to The City to purchase pottery supplies. To add to the day, we had lunch in the Paseo Art District. Being Monday, many of the galleries were closed, and it was hottern’ heck out there, but we still walked around and saw what we could. The pottery supply place south of OKC was a metal building with no air conditioning. Sweat was pouring down our bodies by the time we bought glazes, clay, and a few tools, but we were excited about our purchases. As soon as we got home, she headed to the barn to try things out. I took a nap.

The best thing about having her around more is that she livens things up quite a bit. Her antics make us laugh all the time not to mention her way with words. You should have seen her showing her dad how to do some stretches for his legs, but you really had to have been there. Yep, I do like having her around. No telling what will happen next.


Buck said...

Speaking of bikes and biking... of the pedal sort... check your mail.

I know you don't think kindly of TSMP, Lou, but Jes reminds me of her quite a bit when it comes to attitude... this post especially. Jes and her share a real zest for life. There are real and SERIOUS differences between them, of course, but they're quite alike in this area.

Jo Castillo said...

I went and looked at the photo of the new house, impressive. Right now you need to watch that first step!

It is fun to have the daughters around.

In Bolivia we used to line a cardboard box with the really shiny Christmas paper put in a soup or cake, cover the box with a piece of glass and presto, slow cooker! Worked well, just took a long time. The altitude probably slowed it down. It was good for the poor folks on the altiplano as they never had any wood or anything to burn for cooking.

Junk Diva said...

She is a fun girl. But then again so are you!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Thanks for the bike article - it is good. Not that I want to bike like that...

I do realize that TSMP and I would probably have gotten along great and I know she had to be someone very special to snag you in the first place, but it is the divorce thang that bothers me.

Jo, I will tell Jesse about your Christmas paper solar oven - she will love it. The temps here have been so hot that it probably won't be hard to make an outdoor oven.

Diva, I run with the best.