Friday, July 23, 2010

Not Much

Several times I have sat down at the computer to post something, but each time I have gotten sidetracked – not really wanting to write. It could be that I have nothing but thoughts swirling in my head. They just refuse to come out my fingers.

Jesse is off in The City today. Having her around has been wonderful. We have been working on our pottery and some other art. We also took turns this week going to swim lessons with the GGs. Yesterday I took my mom To OKC to have laser surgery on her eye. All went well. When we got back to Duncan, we had lunch with the GGs, their parents, Toby, and Jesse. The GGs were quite excited to see their great-grandmother. I love lunch with the GGs.
The Arguement
Wed. I went to paint with the Ladies as usual. Maybe I was not in the mood to paint or maybe it was their talk or maybe I just wanted to be somewhere else – whatever it was, I painted for a while and left early. Sometimes I get the feeling that the Ladies don’t really think I’m very smart or that what I have to say is not important. Sometimes I feel like I must be from some other planet, because I think so differently on certain subjects. Sometimes I don’t say anything to them, because I know they won’t hear or accept what I say anyway. Sometimes I will argue with a fence post.

Upon arriving, B told me that she and her husband were going to NM and were going to climb the "highest mountain in the USA... next to McKinley."
Me, "You mean Wheeler Peak?"
B, "Yeah."
Me, "It is not the tallest mountain in the USA."
B, "Well, the second highest."
Me, "No, it is not even the second highest. It is the tallest mountain in NM, but there are lots taller mountains in the USA."
B, "No, it is one of the tallest!"
Me, "It’s not. It is a good hike, but it’s not even as tall as several peaks in CO."

I seem to have irritated her. She headed to the computer at this point to prove that she was right. I wasn’t trying to be argumentative. I could have just let her think what she wanted. I just didn’t want her to go around saying something ignorant to other people. I knew the computer would support me and it did, but she kept searching anyway. She was busy looking on the computer when the other ladies showed up wondering what we were doing on the computer. We explained, and Barb kept searching. Then she said, "Steve (a local veterinarian and friend of hers) said Wheeler Peak was the second tallest mountain in the US."

I calmly replied, "Steve is wrong." This must have pushed her button good, because she became a bit more indignant and said, "Well he lives there!" Her friend Steve recently bought a summer cabin in RR. I am sure he knows more than I do. Who the hell am I anyway? If she wants to think she is going to climb the second tallest mountain in the US, and that it is in NM, by all means she should spread the word.


John said...

Just back away Lou. Sometimes, a fence post makes more sense. Sounds like someone who just bought a cabin in RR needs an ol' jeep driver to set him straight. Although you gave your best shot. Take care kiddo and tell Toby and Jesse hi.

Buck said...

Wow, that thing with Barb was pretty weird, eh? Personally, I think folks who say something... anything... and are proven wrong yet STILL maintain they're right have issues. (That's code for being batshit crazy, but I didn't wanna say THAT.)

Well, look on the bright side. You had quality time with the GGs and Jess and your Mom's laser surgery went well. All in all: a good day.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, What really bothered me about the whole thing was she would rather believe some one else rather than me as if I were not as smart - never taking into consideration that I lived there most of my life and hiked that very mountain many times.

John, If Uncle Gene had let me drive jeeps, I would have been really good at it :)

Andy said...

Don't you just love it! My baby brother informed me the other day that he dislikes SEC football.

"In fact, the only coach in the SEC I like is the head coach at Georgia. I can't remember his name, but I like him."

I replied, "Mark Richt." To which is retorted, "No, that's not his name. I'd know it if I heard it, but that's not it."

My brother in law (who is also a huge SEC fan like me) was standing next to me. "Ummm, yes David, Mark Richt is the head coach at Georgia."

"No, that is not the guy's name. I'd know it if I heard it, though."

So, I had to say, "David, you just said that you don't like, or watch SEC football. You are standing here arguing with two of the biggest SEC fans in the nation. Does that make any sense to you?"

David looked at me like I had three eyes, and said, "Y'all don't know EVERYTHING! That is not the guy's name."

Luckily, it was time to say grace, and eat lunch. Some people...

Bag Blog said...

Andy, yep sometimes it is better to just let them think they are right.

Jo Castillo said...

Obviously the lady hadn't come to this realization or maybe she had (ha): "Nothing sucks more that that moment during an argument when you realize you are wrong."

Fits in Andy's story, too, eh?

Glad your Mom's surgery went well.


Andy said...

HA! Good one, Jo!

Barbara nelson said...

Hey I am not crazy or stupid just stubborn, I admitted I was wrong in a few days. But the best part was the way Lou's face gets all puffed up and cheeks get red when she is suer she is right. I love to get her like this...she cares so much. I love her to death and hope to have many encounters where she gets so riled. How boring to have someone just sit there with no opinion and no feelings.