Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Working Weekend

Update: My friend, B apologized for the argument over Wheeler Peak, which was very nice of her. She went back and asked her husband and his friend, Steve. It turns out that she had misheard them.

We did quite a bit of work on the house this weekend. It is not the kind of work that is noticeable to the average eye, but to construction workers, it would be noticeable. It is just slow going, since we are doing this ourselves. The weather has been so stinkin’ hot that we try to get out early and work until about noon. At that point, things become pretty miserable. Poor Toby; his work crew (me and Jes) is rather pitiful. It is always nice when there are three of us working. Two can be up on the scaffolding or ladders while the third person does the cutting and gofer work. While Jes and I can do all sort of carpentry work, my skills with the skill saw are lacking. Straight cuts are easy, but precision cuts are not my cup of tea. When I hand Toby a board that is cut wrong, I can see his frustration. I don't know why it didnt' work, I cut it three times and it was still too short. Sometimes he does his Little Red Hen impersonation and says, "I'll do it myself."

On Saturday, Jes was around to help us finish up the facia and soffit on the south side of the house. When we finished up around lunchtime, we decided to head over to WF. We had watched "Julie & Julia" the night before and had been inspired to some more interesting cooking. We needed a better grocery store. And my brother from Austin was visiting Mom in WF. We had a nice visit with Mom and Craig. We went out to eat Mexican food. Then we went to Market Street and did some grocery shopping – woohoo!

Sunday was our usual - church, nap, and then work day, but rather than work later in the day, we went to The Piper’s house for The Prosecutor’s sixth birthday party. I love that girl and hope that she and GBN1 remain friends forever – they are great together. For all of the Prosecutor’s serious questions, she is very laid back and full of bright smiles.
Notice their arms around each other in this group shot. Here are my other favorite two girls.

Toby took Monday off and we did the west side of the house (it was in the shade) - just the two of us. Jes had a job in the City and was gone all day. By noon, we had done lots of work and had come to a good stopping point. Then we noticed that my car had a flat. It blew apart when Toby tried to air it up - meaning another trip to WF to Sam's Club for new tires. When we walked into Sam's tire department, the tire man was working at the computer behind his desk. Toby and I waited patiently, but when he finally spoke, he had such a soft, low, gravely voice that he was difficult to hear. The usual Sam's Club noises plus some sort of background music didn't help. But then a lady sitting about six feet away decided to make a call on her cell phone. I swear she didn't need the phone; she could have just hollered across town. Toby and I looked at each other and started laughing.

Did I mention that we rode our bicycles about 12 miles before we started working. It seems that I have signed up for 27 miles in the Duncan Dehydrator this weekend. Whatever was I thinking?


Junk Diva said...

" Whatever was I thinking" I think you are making me tired just listening to all you are doing. I THINK you should come lay in the pool!

AirmanMom said...

thanks for the updates...
this is the year of extreme weather! ugh!

Buck said...

Good on Barb for the apology. I take back what I said on the previous post.

Wow! All y'all are sure BUSY! And yet you still find time to play in the pool and ride bicycles. I'm MOST impressed.

It's been relatively cool here in P-Ville with highs only in the mid- to low-80s. But that danged wind is blowin' as usual, which means I can't put my awning down, which means I get full sun on the RV in the afternoon, which means the AC runs continuously and which FURTHER means we take Happy Hour on the shady side o' the house. (whew. I'm out of breath.)

Jo Castillo said...

Wow, busy, busy. It is good that you relax once in a while! Happy biking! Gene is having a hard time preparing for his birthday ride. He is off at golf with our friend from San Antonio. I sketched with Nicole and the kids yesterday. I need a routine. Sigh.... You get soooo much done.

My word verification is unkari. I thought it said unkani (uncanny). Oh well.