Thursday, August 12, 2010

India Painting

I’ve spent the morning and most of my brainpower leaving comments on other people’s blogs. I should probably start with my own blog next time.

Yesterday Jesse and I went to G’s to paint. G’s house is always so pleasant and she has such a nice studio – I love going to her house. It was Jesse’s first time to see G’s beautiful house and impressive art collection and furniture from all over the world. Jesse was impressed and took some photos of us that maybe she will post or maybe I will steal them later. Jesse did say that she thought we were rather mean – especially to Barb. Maybe so. B is so easy to pick on, but she takes it very well and often gives as good as she gets. We are just trying to toughen her up :)I had started this painting several weeks ago at G’s house – it is from a couple of her photos taken in India. I combined two different photos to come up with this scene. It was interesting to paint, but a bit tedious. I wish I were "looser" with my brush. Sometimes "loose" comes easy; sometimes not.

I’m getting the GGs later this morning. I need to get prepared - batten down the hatches!


Bo said...

It's rather like an RC Gorman, except its the wrong kind of Indians...and their not fat.

Buck said...

Sometimes I do my post first (and answer comments) and then do my Daily Reads, sometimes it's the other way around. Motivation has been seriously lacking of late, so it's usually read first, write later (if at all).

I never made it to India; I wish I had. India and China define "old."

Buckskins Rule said...

I've delinquent on posting and commenting! Mostly lack of time, as opposed to lack of material.

Can't say I would like to go to India...China, yes.

Jo Castillo said...

Nice work, Lou. I think you have a nice amount of detail, it says 'you'.

Andy said...

That is beautiful, Lou!

I don't want to go to India, or China. I think Nebraska would be nice, though.

I'm a dull guy.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks everyone. I have never really been that interested in India or China, although Toby's cousin is in China these days and so is one of his old buddies. I wouldn't mind going to see them and China.

I've never been to Nebraska - never have though much of going there either. I might would visit there - if I knew someone who lived there. Maybe I will come see you, Andy.

Bag Blog said...

Wrong pots too.