Friday, August 06, 2010


We painted at J's house on Wed. She had this set-up ready for us to paint. I really don't like painting books and flowers. I find them rather dull, and I didn't want to paint this set-up. But I hated to be the party-pooper, the stick-in-the-mud, the Negative Nelly - so I sucked it up and painted like a good girl. Maybe you can pick out which painting is mine. We actually painted something similar at her house last year. When I reminded J of this, she just laughed, because she had forgotten. We tease each other about our age and memory lapses. After searching through past posts, I found two other flower paintings all done at J's house or brought by J for us to paint - here and here. Do you think J likes flowers?

Jesse showed up after lunch to paint with us, although she actually did a pencil drawing which she posted on her blog (another plug for her blog). She looked through photos belonging to G and found one taken in India where G used to live. It is very interesting. You may not be able to see the top light in the photo, but it says "relax."


Buckskins Rule said...

I guess friendship sometimes means doing things we dont' want to painting books and flowers.

Junk Diva said...

My guess is yours is the one that is by its self, because it is not like the others. You rebel you.

Andy said...

I'm gonna guess that yours is the bottom one on the left.

But, it's just a guess. When it comes to art, I have two blind eyes.

Buck said...

Maybe you can pick out which painting is mine.

And mebbe I can't. That's the thing about paintings of books and flowers... they're all pretty much the same unless done by Dali or someone like him. These are all quite nice.

Jo Castillo said...

I think yours is the last one on its own. :) Yes it is hard to do what the flock does. I think that in your painting, you did your own thing, anyway. :)

Jesse's sketch is sooooo good.

Stay cool!