Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 2 in Buffalo

If you are wondering, I am using the hotel computers for my blogging. I don't think I can post pics with them, but maybe I can get a hold of Toby's computer later and figure it out.

This morning I managed to drive straight through downtown Buffalo and find the Naval/Military Park without any problem. I toured the USS Sullivan, the USS Croaker, and the USS Little Rock. I loved every minute of the tour. I did not realize that the Sullivan was the five Sullivan brothers killed in WWII. Maybe it was hormones, but things like a mother losing all five of her boys makes me tear up - as does other war memorials. Still, I loved the ships.

Next I managed to find my way back to the funky arts district and ate lunch outside at a restaurant by myself. It was nice. I don't mind running around by myself - doing what I want when I want, but several times I needed Jesse to take some silly photos and do funny things. I'm afraid my photos will be rather dull.

Next, I found my way to the Albright-Knox Gallery. It was a bit too modern for me, although I did see some Impressionist that I like. Maybe I was just tired by then, but the modern art made my eyes hurt. So I found my way back down Main Street to an art supply store. Yep, I made like Ranger the Rat Terrier and my tail was waggin'. I found a few things that I couldn't live without, but mostly I just drooled on the art supplies. It was a good day.

I managed to get lost on the way home, but I was not far off the right path. It was the way the streets signs did not match up with my map. Oh well. I made it back and Toby is back now too. Gotta go see how his day was. More later.


Dale said...

Lou, it's not hormones that made you tear up. It's the love of country and respect for the sacrifices made to preserve her. It's also the fact that you were raised by two very compassionate parents who possessed the very same qualities. I do the same thing. The one time I visited Arlington National Cemetery, I lost it before I got to the first headstone.

I hope you got some pictures of the USS Little Rock for me! Maybe you could paint or sketch a picture of her for my office, hint hint!!

Buck said...

I don't mind running around by myself - doing what I want when I want...

That was me for the not-quite-a-year I was on the road. But as you noted, it DO get old after a bit. Some things... like a good new restaurant or an out of the way funky museum, or one of any 16 sunsets... should be shared. But you have your best friend with ya in Buffalo and that's good!

Dale: I posted quite a few pics of the Little Rock here.

JimmyT said...

BTW, that ships name is the USS Sullivans. Note the "s" at the end there, it was named for all the Sullivan boys killed who were killed on the USS Juneau (November 1942). That is a heavy price for any one family to pay. A reminder that all give some and some gave all.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Anonymous said...

.... Jimmy is right.... I read a book about the Juneau tragedy years back... it's still on my shelf of military books in the living room...


Kris, in New England said...

Now that sounds like a day well-spent. I'm with you, I don't mind doing my own thing every-so-often.

The story of the Sullivans is just so moving and sad. All 5 boys in one battle. I believe there are now laws that prevent that sort of thing from happening.