Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Laughing at Lou

Okay, we shuffled off to Buffalo without any problems. There was the fact that Toby decided not to get a motel in OKC, and just get up extra early and drive to the airport. We needed to be up at 3:45AM - 4 at the latest. Yep, I was wide awake at 3:15, made the coffee, put my makeup on, etc. Toby came stumbling in about 3:30. I said, "It is Christmas morning!" He just said, "You are a crazy woman." But he knew exactly what I was saying, and he did laugh at me. You see, I don't sleep well when I am excited. I never sleep well Christmas Eve.

We got to OKC easily and on time without running like OJ through the terminal - as Toby would have had us do. Toby went to the rr while, I went and bought us some breakfast at the Sonic inside the airport. The man behind me in line said, "Listen to that! Sonic asks for your name!" Sure enough, they asked for each person's name and put it on their ticket to call you when your food was ready.
I said, "We should give them a made up name." He agreed, and we discussed what names we could use while waiting in line. We decided on Biblical names. When I stepped up to the counter and the lady asked for my name, I said, "Dorcas." The man burst out laughing. When he ordered, he said his name was Moses. We laughed and laughed like we knew each other - kindred spirits.

Once on the plane, Toby started laughing at me, too. "What?" I asked.
He said, "You are like Ranger (our rat terrier).
"How's that?" I asked.
"All I have to do is say the word 'go' and you start wagging your tail."

Now I need to plan my day for tomorrow and hit the high points here in Buffalo - art galleries, museums, mall, etc. If you are wondering why I have not already made a plan, well, that would be much too organized - no fun at all. I like being Loose Lou.


Buck said...

Ah, early airport calls. I remember those, but none too fondly.

Don't forget the Naval Park down on the river... right downtown. It's pretty cool.

Buckskins Rule said...

Enjoy the trip Lou!


Dale said...

Toby cracks me up! "All I have to do is say the word 'go' and you start wagging your tail."

I just about spit my coffee all over my computer when I read this!! The funny thing is, I can picture it!! Ya'll have fun in Buffalo!!

Jo Castillo said...

Have fun! I loved my smile this morning. See ya, Dorcus.

Bag Blog said...

Dale, I've been doin' lots of tail waggin' on this trip.

Jo, I found a great art supply store - hence the tail waggin'.