Sunday, October 03, 2010

Another Adventure Coming

Yesterday was the wine festival at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan. Jesse and I spent all day helping man the Art Guild booth. I put in some paintings and she put in her pottery. Guess which sold. Yep, the pottery sold very well; the paintings not at all, which is typical of events like this. It was a beautiful sunny day with temps around 80 and a nice breeze. We had fun visiting with the other folks from the art guild and the people attending the event. I got to meet Staci from Junebugszoom - better known as Bliss. She was down enjoying the wine festival and other events in the area. The wine was fun too with lots of friends coming out for the tastings. I took several pictures of the people and the art booth, but then I did something rather stupid. Jesse is taking my camera to France – so I went to delete old photos, but forgot about the few new ones. Yep, I deleted the old and the new that I had not put over on the computer. What a goof!

Today, I am taking Jesse and Grandma to the airport to meet up with Nina (my niece). They fly to France this afternoon. Jesse and Grandma are pretty excited about the trip. I think my mom is looking forward to spending time with her granddaughters – oh yeah, seeing France is good too, but seeing it with her girls will be quite the adventure. We will head over to WF early so that Jesse can go through Grandma’s luggage and make it as lightweight as possible. Jesse has lightened her own load to the minimum. No fear; if she runs out of clothes, she can wear Grandma’s stuff (heh). Actually she really could wear Mom’s stuff – they are more the same body type. I’m the throwback.

I have mixed feelings about her trip. I want Jes to go and have a great time, but I will miss her. It is always fun when Toby and I get to play empty-nesters, but I’m sure we will be ready for her to get back. I think we will have to get the GGs to come spend some time with us. That will be an adventure itself.


Andy said...

Hey Lou! Can I send some of my kids with them?

I am envious. I have been wanting to meet Staci ever since I ran across her over at Paul Mitchell's place. She's good folks.

Is she really almost 6 feet tall? And, does she really like OU?

yaya said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog...yes, I'm part Greek so my Grandkiddos call me YaYa (really spelled YaiYai). I see you recently visited Buffalo. We live about 4hrs from there in Northeast Ohio. It's wonderful to visit the falls too. Looks like a great trip. I'll stop over again!

Bag Blog said...

Staci is tall. As for being an OU fan, well, she was not at the big OU vs. TU game - nor was she glued to the TV...but if she were like other OU fans, she was tuned into something giving her a regular account of the score. Me, I was hoping they would both lose.

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I did just make a trip up North. It was beautiful country with very friendly folks. I like the grandma name, "YaYa." My grand-girls call me Booboo. I wanted to be called Mama Lou, but the oldest didn't say it very well.

I will be back by your blog too.

Buck said...

(sigh) I guess my valet/translation services aren't needed then... coz I never did get that e-mail and ticket. Oh, well. We shall TRY to overcome the rejection.

Good on Jess for selling her pottery; I'm surprised none of your paintings sold.

Bag Blog said...

Don't feel bad; they didn't give me a ticket either.

Jo Castillo said...

I was glad to hear about the deleting of the photos .. well, of course, not really. But I did that last week, too. Deleted the photos we took on the road to Grants. The bluffs are so pretty and the light was perfect. Oh well..... Sorry about your photos, sounds like the festival was good. Art sales are far between at the moment for sure.

I bet Jesse and your mom have a lot of fun, too. :)

Bag Blog said...

Jo, Sisters again!