Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Off Like a Rocket Scientist

Lately, I have been a bit cranky. It could be the hormones, but I think it is the allergies and the allergy medicine. The sides of my nose are beginning to feel like leather and there are two little red dots under my nostrils that make me look like some cokehead. I find Wal-Mart more frustrating than usual, and I nearly attacked a stock-girl when she couldn’t tell me where the mentholatum was. Then at Hobby Lobby when the clerk checking me out with my $100 worth of frames asked if I needed a bag, I almost answered, "No! I’ll carry them out with my teeth!" I restrained myself and didn’t say anything about her laziness, because I know she only works at HL and is not a rocket scientist. I should probably avoid McDonalds.

Jesse, Grandma, and Nina got off to France without a hitch. Well, there was that little thang driving into the airport when Jesse didn’t know which terminal. Since Nina was there and waiting on them, I said to call her and find out which terminal. Jesse had been on the phone with her friend, Lindz and not thinking of terminals and gates, but there we were in the midst of DFW with lots of traffic and signs to read. Then Mom pulled out her phone, too, and started the "Do you have her number? Do you want me to call her?" And Jesse hesitating because she thinks Mom is going to call Nina at the same time she is trying to call her. They were doing the back and forth discussion of whom should call, when I used my strong teacher voice, "JUST CALL HER!" It irritates Jesse to no end when I use that voice, but I am on drugs and am not myself and DFW makes me crazier than Wal-Mart does. Jes made the call, Nina gave us the terminal, and I dropped them off easily. What is it that makes you not want to let them go, and you want to call them as soon as you’ve dropped them off?

As I drove out of the airport I got a text from Jes, "We are in the security check line."
I replied, "Im good 2."
A few minutes later Jes texted, "We are at the gate with Nina."
I replied, "Yeha."
Then I received a text that said, "I love you, Mom. Don’t text and drive."


Andy said...

Now, that is funny...

"...Don't text and drive." Nyuk!

Buck said...

I hope ya feel better soon.

"Don't text and drive" is VERY good advice. Nothing terrifies me more than to see someone doin' that. NOTHING.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i've tried to cut back on my textin/drivin' it seems to be bad for ones health. here's a thought for those of us still doing it..."JUST CALL HER!" in my best teacher voice.

My WV...'ancocial' i think that may be what you and i are going through. Let's add 'syndrome' to it for precociously socially angry.

Jo Castillo said...

I worry about the texting, big time! But I laughed out loud, which I needed after dealing with Gene and his Mom tonight. Ha.

Buckskins Rule said...

What Buck said. Hope what's ailing you passes soon.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. We try to make it a rule to not text and drive, but she was texting me, and I kept it to simple answers.

Jo, I was thinking about you the other night - you marrying Gene whom you have known since you were babies - kind of like the boy next door.