Monday, October 25, 2010

Camp Y"Shua 2010

Although we signed up for more days at Camp Y’shua (camp lasts Thursday thru Sunday), we only went over for Saturday. Of all things Jesse could bring home from France, she brought home a cold. She rested all week hoping to be rid of it in time for camp. By Saturday she was feeling a bit better when we went to camp, but she still took it easy. The cool rainy weather was not helpful. It rained hard on us as we loaded the car early Saturday morning, but by the time we got to camp it had stopped raining. It was the wind that was cold. Those lyin’ weathermen said the temps would be in the 80’s, but that there was a 50% chance of rain. I thought that didn’t sound right when they said it, and sure enough, they were wrong. Here is Jesse's camp sign that she painted for her tent. You can go back to all the other October camp posts to see past signs.
When we got to camp, the GGs were waiting on us. GBN1 showed us how she had learned to ride a skateboard. GBN2 was perfectly happy having Crewcraw push her in the swing (the frowny face is just her high drama thang). The little boy in the background enjoyed having Toby push him too. He later told his mother that, "That the little girl in pink was named Soapy – because she smells like soap." His mother explained that her name was really "Sophie." By Saturday afternoon, the wind was a better, and we were able to play some serious volleyball. You know how I love that! Toby played on the old men’s team – they were pretty funny. My friend Joanna and I gathered a women’s team to challenge them. Although we played well, they still beat us. Two very funny things happened in the game. First, as the ball was going out of play someone reached a foot to try and stop the ball, but instead, they kicked the ball straight up high in the air. As it was coming down, being silly I did a fancy soccer kick and sent the ball sailing straight to the server on the other side of the net. It was a perfect kick and everyone was highly impressed. What was funny was that never in a million years could I do that kick again. Although I did play soccer in high school, I haven’t done a kick like that in a looonnngg time – even then chances are that it would not have been a great kick. The fact that it was so perfect was a total fluke. Second funny thang was that while playing front center net, I managed to tip the ball up and over my opponent who was trying to stuff the ball on me. Being as short as I am, it is difficult to do those kind of net shots, but once again it was a perfect tip of the ball. The really funny part (other than it was pure luck that I was able to make the tip) was that it was Toby on the other side of the net that missed the stuff. Everyone hooted and hollered. Both incidents were just lucky shots. They don’t call me Super Squirrel for nothin’!

Sunday, we took it easy and stayed home. At camp I was beginning to have a tickle in my throat, by Saturday evening I knew I was sick. Sunday I was achy and stuffy, but I am feeling much better this morning. Jesse is feeling better too. I have heard from a few other people at camp that they were beginning to have a tickle in their throats too. I don’t think Jesse and I are the culprits who spread the cold. I think it is just the usual camp crud that happens when the weather is cold and wet and lots of people come together and play hard.
I should have taken more photos, but I got busy visiting and playing. Here is one cutie. Her grandparents are officially part of the Mush Club – grandparents who are mushie over their grandkids. We seem to be getting more and more members lately.


Andy said...

Heh! Days like that are fun, even if the weather doesn't cooperate. I know what you mean about the soccer kick deal.

A couple of years ago I got into a pickup basketball game with a bunch of twenty-somethings, and made about a 25 foot hook shot over some monster. I was actually just trying to pass it, and the dang thing went in.

Glad y'all are feeling better, Lou. We've been battling the crud for weeks it seems. I know they say that the weather really has nothing to do with it. But, this warm then cool then hot then cool stuff...with almost no rain & fall junk blooming really wreaks havoc on the upper respiratory system.

Buck said...

...part of the Mush Club...

I TRY not to go there... but it's hard sometimes.

Those geezers look to be in pretty good shape for a buncha old guys. ;-)

Congrats on your smooth moves. I hope ya didn't protest too much about "accidents." Make 'em FEAR ya!

And I'm glad all y'all are feeling better!

Bag Blog said...

You will be glad to know that I did not protest at all, but let 'em think that I knew what I was doin'.

If weather doesn't have anything to do with it, I'll eat my kleenex. Maybe it doesn't start the cold, but it sure doesn't help either.

Andy said...

Lou, if you do go ahead on and eat your Kleenex, please take pictures. It'll make for great blogging, and extra fiber. That's a Two-fer'!

Buck said...

You will be glad to know that...

Heh. You are in NO need o' schoolin'.

Jo Castillo said...

Too much family fun for me. Glad you did well. :)