Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun France Fotos

My niece, Nina, posted her France photos on FB. I have spent way too much time this morning going through them. She took lots of architectural and artsy photos, but she took lots of photos of Jesse being silly. I thought I would share a few this morning.
Mount St. Michelle
Jesse has always had a thang for Leonardo da Vinci and was quite excited to see his last residence and some of his designs made real.
Sometimes Jes just likes to be silly and sometimes she gets others to join her. I have lots of photos like this one. If you liked these, I will post more - let me know.


Andy said...

HA! Those are all great. But, the last one is funny-clever! Thanks, Lou. Jes is quite a beautiful lady...and a true "card," it seems...

My word verification is "restonal." Isn't that some kind of new drug you're supposed to ask your Doctor to give you?

Buck said...

Of COURSE you should post more! Do you think ANYone would say "Nah. These are enough. Thanks."

That's one HELLA picture frame in the red room! No one does excess quite like les Fran├žais.

(psst: It's "Mont St. Michel" St. Michelle is married to Barry.)

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I saw "Mt. St. Michelle" somewhere, although I thought it was "Michel", and I googled it to see the correct spelling and it since it did come up and didn't correct me, I left it as Michelle.

Andy, You don't kmow the half of it when it comes to Jes.

Do you think "restonal" would help my nasal twang?

Andy said...

Lou, I've gathered from your posts that Jes is a jewel. Does she have a boyfriend? I'm only asking because I've got a 27 year-old clown of a son that just needs another clown with her foots planted firmly on the ground to make him into the wonderful man he has pent up inside. Just askin'...

I think "restonal" has something to do with erectile dysfunction, or maybe not being able to sleep. Heh! There's a joke in there somewhere.

I'll have to get back with you on that one after I look at TV tonight...

And, Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! I ain't even fixing to tell you what my WV is on this would not be proper to say such things to a lady.


Buck said...

I googled it to see the correct spelling and it since it did come up and didn't correct me, I left it as Michelle.

But did you look at the google results?

Does she have a boyfriend?

Speaking of "results..." ;-)

I think I'll break out the Streisand album now.

Andy said...

Funny, Buck! Reeeeeeel funny. Seriously, I have a diamond in the rough here in the Reeves clan.

He is the nicest, most decent human I've ever known (And I ain't saying that just because he's my #2 son). We've always said, "Ross is everybody's best friend!" And, we are right. He is a jewel just waiting to be mined by a lovely young lady with good folks. Hint...hint, Lou!

He just REALLY needs the right gal that can appreciate his odd sense of humor, his loving nature, and give him SOME reason to set his foots on solid ground. He's handsome, too! He takes after my older brother, Chip! Seriously, when Ross hit high school age (about 14) eyebrows got raised in the fambly. It was like, "Andy, are you SURE that Pam and Chip didn't have a 'thang' while you weren't looking?"

Crud...I just realized that I have taken up Lou's extremely expensive Blogger bandwidth with personal junk.

Sorry, Lou.

But, keep Ross in mind for Jes anyhow. I'm not shamed by lobbying for one of my kids. Heck, I've gotta pawn him off on somebody...

Buck said...

Andy: You are obviously not aware of the campaign that has been waged... however stealthily... in these pages over the past two or three years. My Streisand remark was aimed at Lou, not you. And we WERE snarkin'. Sorta. There's nuthin' I'd rather see than a successful match made on both sides.

(My apologies, Jess. You might be mortified over all this.)

While we're at it... I neglected to mention what a pedantic PITA I can be, re: Mont St. Michel. I can't help myself.

Bag Blog said...

In the images part of Google, it showed the spelling as Michelle. Why do you think that was?

Jesse is single. The man who wins her heart will be very special - I know, because I have been praying for him for a long time.

Go ahead and take all my space - no one else does.

Andy said...

Buck...I obviously did not know the game. But, I do recognize BS when I see her coming.

Lou...keep praying HARD! Gotta be a special cat to catch that gal. I just wish that more young gals were more particular...and that young fellows were, too. Long story...sigh...

Buck said...

In the images part of Google, it showed the spelling as Michelle. Why do you think that was?

You'll get a return with no correction on a standard google web search, too. But all the entries listed are spelled "Mont St. (or Saint) Michel" except the images, which are labeled "Mont St. Michelle." If you enter "Mont St. Michelle, France" in google maps you get only US entries and a map of the US. The correct spelling, OTOH, goes right to La France.

Who knows why Google does what it does? Who knows why **I** do what I do?

Buckskins Rule said...

Do post more. Jesse must be a real hoot to be around. Gotta love the folks who keep life fun.