Friday, October 08, 2010

C'est La Vie

Jesse is having a fine time in France. She has emailed several times giving us reports on her sightseeing and adventures. Grandma is struggling a bit with a queasy stomach, but is a "trooper" according to Jesse. Cousin Nina and Jesse seem to enjoy each other and laugh a lot causing Craig (my brother) to facetiously say to them, "Cheer down." As you know, my SIL is teaching a class in Angers. Apparently part of that class is to interact with the locals and better their (both the student's and the local's) language skills. Nina and Jesse attended a gathering of locals and Catherine’s students at a bar (what would you call that in France?). I think Jesse and Nina had a great time conversing with other young people, playing games, and listening to the music, which was some singer from Nashville. I am so glad that they are having fun.

In the meantime back at the ranch, I had art with my girls yesterday. Sarah and Courtney were both here. It was a real treat to have Coco here. She does not get to come as often since she married and had a baby. Sarah and Coco are two of my original students and I love having them here. We laughed and visited. At one point, Sarah took over Coco’s painting – she learned that from me. Sarah was my very first student and started this whole teaching art girls thang. Some of my students don’t really like for me to touch their paintings, but Sarah and I have always had a way of painting together. We have often bumped elbows and pushed each other out of the way while painting together. The thing about painting with Sarah is that she enjoys the process, she goes at a painting with both hands flying, and she is having fun. It’s infectious.

I have several art thangs coming up, which are causing me to be busier than usual and a bit more stressed. Last year two ladies came to town and wanted to open an art center/gallery in Duncan. Although one of the ladies moved on, Cheryl has stayed and seen the thang through. A couple of weeks ago, she opened the Art Center and is doing well. Jesse and I both have art works at her new gallery. On her opening day, Cheryl volunteered me to teach an oil portrait class. Hmm, I find Cheryl a bit "pushy" but she does get things done. So, I agreed to teach four sessions of oil portraits from 10 – 12 on Wednesdays. Although I do portraits and I do oils, I don’t normally do oil portraits. This should be interesting. Yesterday, I started a oil portrait just to practice, and I need lots of practice. I’m trying not to stress on this.

The other upcoming thang is the Duncan Art Guild (DAG) Holiday Art Show. This will be my third year to chair the show. This will be my last year to do this. The show will be Nov. 11- 14. Since we are getting closer, things are getting busier for me. Last night at the DAG board meeting, the officers added to my stress. I should say that they really pissed me off (I tried to think of a better way of saying that, but it is what it is). I kept my mouth shut and I will do what they asked and I will put on the best show possible, but after this show, I’m out of there. Famous last words.


Buck said... a bar (what would you call that in France?)

C'est un bar. Srsly. Rilly.

Apropos of the photo... Montmarte is one of my all time favorite places in Paris. I've sat on the steps just below where the photo was taken for hours... just talking and looking out over the city (the view is priceless, as overworked as that phrase may be). And then it was off to le bar.

re: the DAG. I hear ya... a spade is a spade. You have a big heart, Lou.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I wish Jesse were sending more photos, but when she gets home, I will post some or send you some so you can tell us stories about your day there - I love your stories.

Andy said...

Lou, thanks for the update on the girls.

My Mom was a "wheel" in the local art world for many years, as she owned a large art supply/ceramic distributorship in Shreveport.

It seems that she was always given the task of putting on the shows, and all the grief that goes with it.

I was glad when she retired, shut it down, and went back to teaching the people she really liked, and art for the sake of "herself." I'm sure you can identify.

I'll be interested to see some of the oil portrait work. I tried so hard to learn oil painting. Momma tried to help me.

I just don't gots it! Sigh...

Jo Castillo said...

Ooooh, anxious to see the portraits. I'm enjoying the tour of France. Hang in there, your term will be over soon. You do so well with the group, really.