Saturday, October 09, 2010

More of France

Today the girls visited Normandy Beaches and the Pointe du Hoc

I thought some of you might enjoy the photos - I don't have the story yet. This one looks like something from the Guns of Navarone.

Tomorrow is the Mont Saint-Michel. It seems they are having fun.


Buck said...

The Normandy beaches and especially the US cemetery there are one hell of an experience. I think I was either nine or ten the first time we went and my father was as emotional as I ever saw the man. Mom, too.

Mont St. Michel, OTOH, is just way-cool...even with all the touristy souvenir shops and crowds. But October should be a good experience as it's long past peak season. I'm still envious as all get out!

Bag Blog said...

My SIL, Catherine talked about the emotional side of the visit to Normandy Beaches - especially since her father was also military and from the Greatest Generation. It is a place I would like to visit, but then I cried while on the USS Sullivans, and then again when I saw the POW bracelets on the USS Little Rock. But Mont St. Michel should be great. Catherine mentioned that the weather was perfect.