Monday, October 11, 2010

GGs and Gallows

Friday night we kept the GGs. They were a hoot as usual. I made a discovery that all grandparents should know: Your grandkids will love pancakes with strawberries, whipped cream, and lots of syrup, but tuna casserole will make them pick at their supper and shake as they swallow. Dressing the cat up in doll clothes has always been a favorite with little girls - I loved it, Jesse loved it, and now the GGs love it. The cat does not love it.
After taking the GGs home on Saturday, we worked on our outdoor kitchen/patio. Sometimes Toby comes up with a plan, but the realization of the plan is often bigger than we thought. This covered patio is going to be huge, very nice, but huge. Yes, Toby and I set those 6x6 beams up all by ourselves. He often says he married me because I can carry my end of the couch. Actually, I think it is my German/American Indian genes - I am strong, and a little bit mean. After getting this part of the patio set up, Toby asked me what I thought. I told him it looked like something out of "Hang 'em High." That turned out to be a prophetic utterance. Later when the top beam was not sitting flush on the last post, we rigged up a tie-down strap and I hung in it using all my weight to pull on the beam while Toby screwed in the metal plates. Hey, it worked, and I survived.
While we were working on "the gallows," these innocent looking dogs got after something in the calf barn. When I went to see what the ruckus was, I found our kitten, Rosita. Our big tom cat walks around with the dogs, sleeps with the dogs, and acts like the dogs. They never chase Frankie, but Rosie runs from them and becomes chase-able. This time they were a bit rough on her, and now she is recouping in the house. She seems to have a problem with her hind leg. I don't think it is broken, but maybe she just pulled (ahem, the dogs pulled) a muscle or something. I think she will be all right with a few days of R&R. I guess there will be no dressing her up in doll clothes either.


Buck said... the GGs love it. The cat does not love it.

Heh. I wonder why? Nice pics; full weekend!

Junk Diva said...

"Hang em high"
Is that cats name Lucky by any chance.

Bag Blog said...

Diva, right now we are calling it Festus.

Buck, now the cat is laying on a pillow with its paws propped up. Not a bad life!

Jo Castillo said...

Love the cat story!

Your gallows looks familiar. When we were in Denver Gene and his buddy, Larry, built a covered deck and made it level to the slab and not the roof, the downspout ended up on the high end. Heh, heh. Yours looks great!