Thursday, October 21, 2010

Missing My Mountains

Sometimes I get a bit homesick for the mountains. Fall is a great time in RR. Not only is it beautiful with the golden aspens against the blue-green mountains, it is a time when things slow down – a time when locals can get together for some fun activities. One of my favorite off season activities was playing cards or board games with my girlfriends. I remember being down at Janetta’s house at the Gill complex learning to play pinochle. I'm sure we drank a beer or three and laughed lots.
Another favorite off-season activity was trail riding with the RR Riding Club. This photo was taken by Carl Brown while we were on a RRRC trip. We rode straight up the Face and stopped to rest the horses at the top. Our horse, Smoke, had laminitis (foundered) but we were babying him. Notice the special boot on his front hoof. Smoke was tied to a tree while we rested, and he decided to take a break too. Our friend and farrier, Rick, ran over and sat next to Smoke, who put his head in Rick’s lap. Carl snapped the pic and made postcards from the scene. I have a big photo of this as well as one of the postcards. Smoke was a great horse for us. The kids felt at ease with him, and he was always a gentleman.

So when I get in these mountain moods, I put on a Bill and Bonnie CD and sing along and remember barmaiding at the Red Onion. Sometimes I have to have my South by Southwest CD and pretend to be dancing at the Motherlode. My RR friends should be getting ready for the big fall carnival at the Community House. Most of the locals will dress in costume and show up. Since RR doesn’t have neighborhoods exactly, the PTA would put on a carnival with lots of games for the kids and of course the big moneymaker cake auction. One year Ralph Gill was the highest bidder on a beautiful cake, but then he found out that his cake was store-bought and was very disappointed. His little sister, Janetta, had bought the cake rather than baking one, and Ralph bought it. You would probably have to have known Janetta to really appreciate that story. Maybe I’m missing Janetta and not just the mountains – maybe they go hand in hand.


Buck said...

That IS a great photo of Rick and Friend.

Fall seems to be a universal time for reminiscing and missing old friends. I've often wondered about that.

Bag Blog said...

If you followed the Carl Brown link, you will see that he is a professional photographer. He took another photo of my family on horses that is just pretty cool. Unfortunately, it is in storage - another reason to get this house finished.

Fall does seem to be the time for reminiscing - don't know why either.

Buckskins Rule said...

Lou, at times I get the temptation to seek a life in Eastern WA, or Texas, or anywhere that is less crowded, and a more conservative.

But I like the mountains and the green too much.

Andy said...

Lou, those are great photos. I'm stealing the one of Smoke for future use. I promise it will be used in good taste.

I really miss Fall in the San Juans. The oak brush, aspens, and the smell of the hatch chiles roasting at the little grocery stores. I love living back close to family...but I sure miss those things.

Bag Blog said...

I miss those things too.

Jo Castillo said...

Sigh, now I miss them, too. :) It snowed there yesterday. I miss the smell and taste of green chili. I always liked the chili from Chimayo more than Hatch chili. Not so sweet. I have Hatch chili in my freezer.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, I like to buy Chimayo chili powder when I'm in NM. I buy lots for my friends too.