Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Peeves, Puns, and Fun

Pet Peeve:
Years ago when we lived in NM and Toby worked for Allied Waste, he was on the phone with some businessman from some northern region of the USA. The businessman questioned Toby about where he was from. Toby replied that he was from Texas. Being snide, the man said, "Well, you certainly have not lost your Texas accent." Toby answered, "Thank you." If you have ever heard Toby or me speak, you know we both have Texas accents – mine is a bit more of a North Texas twang, while his is a slower West Texas drawl. So why do some people think that because you talk slow, you must be slow or that Southern is stupid? On the way to DFW Monday, I was listing to a public radio newscast on a US Senatorial race in Nevada. Now I don’t care much about politics or who is the senator for Nevada other than I would prefer Republicans in Washington. But I listened to the newscast about Dina Titus who is originally from Georgia, but has been in Nevada for 50 years as a teacher for UNLV and as some sort of representative in NV government. She had a nice Southern accent. Then the newscast played a clip of some guy saying, "I don’t care how long she has been here, she hasn’t been here long enough to lose that RIDICULOUS accent. Her policies grate on me like her accent." This sort of prejudice makes me crazy angry, and this man proved himself an ignorant ass. Just sayin’.
House Work:
We worked on the house yesterday evening trying to get the outdoor kitchen ready for a metal roof. Jesse was a big help, and we accomplished much. It is good to have the girl home. She was full of fun stories as we drove home from DFW, but she was tired. Unfortunately, she put all her photos onto Nina’s computer, and we have to wait until Nina burns them on to a CD and sends them to us. On all her travels she has collected beach – sand or rocks. As you know, the USA frowns upon bringing dirt from other countries into our country, but she has managed to do so several times. This trip she collected some sand from Normandy Beaches. Toby called it contrasand.
I mentioned the other day that the dogs had hurt our kitten. Most of the time the dogs don’t care about the cats – unless they run. Then they become game. Apparently they pulled her hind leg – maybe tearing muscle, but no visible wounds. Our cats are allowed in the house, but they don’t normally stay long. Since the kitten was hurt and not able to get away from the dogs, I brought her and the litter-box inside. She is doing better, but still gimping around.

Last night while working on the house, I went hurrying inside to look for some tool that Toby had requested. I had my sunglasses and my safety glasses in my hand, and my eyes were searching the room for the tool, when I stepped on an extension cord and rolled – not only my ankle, but my whole self. It was one of those one minute you are walking and the next minute you are on the floor. It was kind of a violent fall - I threw my glasses across the room. I guess because my ankle was already sore from Friday’s fall, that it just did not hold me well. Anyway, I’m okay. As GBN2 says when she falls, "I’m okay; I’m tough!" Later that evening while propped up in my recliner watching the Rangers beat the Yankees (yeha!) I told Toby that my ankle was pretty sore this time, and wasn’t he going to give me any sympathy? He said, "Sure, I’m going to get you a litter-box…"


Buck said...

You guys are developing quite the smuggling bid'niz, ain'tcha? First wine and now contrasand...

The accent thing is a pet peeve of mine, too. But my Best Man from the second marriage just goes ballistic over it... he's from deepest Tennessee withh the accent to prove it, has a couple of master's degrees, and is a veep in a rather well-known tech company... yet yahoos still pigeonhole him as a hick. I see his point.

I hope your ankle feels better soon!

Bag Blog said...

Just call us bootleggin' Baggetts.

joyce said...

and ice pack would have maybe helped the ankle...even a bag of frozen peas.

Bag Blog said...

You don't think the kitty litter was good?