Monday, October 18, 2010

Carpenter Weekend

It has been a long weekend. Literally, it has been a long weekend. Toby took Friday off, and we worked on the outdoor kitchen or gallows as I called them earlier. We got going early Friday building trusses out of 2x6 and putting them up on the big beams that we had built earlier this week. Once we got the pattern down, things went fairly fast. Toby and I were able to lift the trusses up by our selves and put them in place. But then we built a two of the trusses using 4x6 beams. They were much too heavy for the two of us. Fortunately, Jan (Yon) came by to drop something off. We used his young, tall body to help us put the first big truss up. It went easily enough, although I did step off the ladder in a hurry and rolled my ankle. I did not have time to cry, but it did hurt like the dickens. We had invited Bo over for supper since my DIL and GGs were away visiting in-laws. He showed up about the time we were done with the heavy stuff. Being tired and worn out, we ordered out for dinner, opened a bottle of bootleg Baggett wine, and watched the Ranger game (don’t want to talk about that game). That was all just Friday.
Saturday morning we got up and went at it again. By ten AM we had finished building the last few trusses, but one of them was another big truss. We needed help to lift it – muscle help. We called Bo, who happened to be working on putting new windows in his house. He and my DIL bought a cute little older house a few years ago and have been fixing it up. With the tax credit for more efficient windows, Bo’s big project is to replace all the old windows. Saturday morning he tore out one old window, but was having trouble putting in the new one. He agreed to help us lift our big truss, and we agreed to help him put in the window. How hard could putting in a little window be? Well, it took us all day to get that little window in. Old houses are just difficult – nothing is straight, things are rotted, old sizes don’t match new sizes, etc. And it helps to have the right tools. As my friend George Woerndle once said, if you don’t have the right tools, it is just work. Bo did not have the right tools. It was work, but we finally got ‘er done. It was late afternoon before we got our big truss put in place. It was a bit more difficult than the first big truss, but we got it in place without any accidents. Other than being sore from bending, building, and placing, we did pretty well. I will take a pic of the final product this morning and add it to the post later.
Here is my practice oil portrait that I promised to post. Here is my little oil class.

Today is the first day that I do not have to be anywhere other than DFW later this evening to pick up Jes and Grandma. Since I have been playing carpenter and not housewife, I have lots to do around here before I go get the girls. I’m looking forward to having Jesse home, but I dread driving around the airport again.


Buck said...

...DFW later this evening to pick up Jes and Grandma.

They're back already!?! Wow... that went by fast! (I suppose fast is relative, eh?)

You and Toby amaze me with both your skills and ambition. And I hear ya about old houses, too. I have a few "this old house" tee shirts and I AIN'T talkin' teevee show.

Jo Castillo said...

Ahhh, this makes me sore just to read about it. Looks like the gallows are coming along great, though. Nice to have the family whole again, too.

Buckskins Rule said...

Sounds like a productive weekend. Good on ya. Hope the ankle is okay.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, you might not be so amazed if you were here watching us try to figure things and get them right. We fly by the seat of our pants most of the time

Jo, It is good to have the girl home again.

BR, I like it when you can see your progress. The ankle is sore, but not so much that it is a bother.

Andy said...

Lou, you know, I read your posts about working on the house, but I don't think I've ever commented on one of them.

Ya' know, I have great respect for you and your clan for tackling that. I really do. I entertained the idea of such back when I was a much younger man.

But now, the very thought of the effort, and patience required for such a project is just overwhelming. I would not tackle that for a million dollars.

Glad the ladies made it home safe. Quit hurting yourself!!!

Kris, in New England said...

Lou - I'm with the others here who have commented on the drive and ambition you all have to build your own house. I am in awe.

Bag Blog said...

Andy and Kris, Thanks. Here I thought we were just being too tight to hire someone to do it for us.

Andy said...

Lou, don't cut yourself short.

You ARE too tight to hire someone to do it for you.

Be proud on both counts!

Christina LMT said...

Be careful, Lady! No more hurting yourself. I'd have to get stern. ;)

I love the progress reports on the house, especially when you post pics. You could do a sort of time-lapse thingy when you're all done. :)