Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rushed Wednesday

Yesterday’s art class at the new Art Center in Duncan went okay – not great – but okay. People were late making us get started late. Setting up easels and establishing places took time. Going over basic drawing skills took more time. By the time we did those things and I talked a bit about color, time was up, but everyone was ready to paint. I felt like I had not managed time well. So, we decided to paint again today – a freebie. Cheryl, who runs the Art Center, told me that I had had about five students signed up, but only two showed. The others backed out saying they were not sure they could paint a portrait. Duh! That is why you take the lessons. Oh well, no guts – no glory!

Cheryl has been telling people that I am an oil painter. I’m not sure why she does that, but once again I heard her tell someone, "Oh, Lou is going to teach an oil landscape class next." I think she has me confused with someone else. I can paint with oils (who can’t?) but it is not my favorite. I have done probably 50 watercolors this past year and only finished one oil. Well, I did do an oil portrait this last week – just so I could have some practice. I’ll try to get a photo of it today and post it.

After the Art Center class, I rushed home to meet with my deaf friend, Naomi. We painted together until ASL class at 4:00. It was a good time. I started a pastel portrait. Ah! Back in my comfort zone. After painting with Naomi, I rushed off to Sign class. As soon as Sign class was over, I picked up a pizza and ran it home to Toby for supper. We wolfed it down and rushed back for Wed. night church. It was a rushed day. Didn’t I quit painting with the Ladies just so I would have more time?

Jesse and Grandma seem to be doing well. Jes and Nina toured Nante on Monday giving Grandma a chance to rest at my SIL’s apartment. Tuesday they explored some chateaux in the Loire Valley, I believe. I know Mom loves castles and such, and here are a couple of pics.
Nina and Jes being a bridge to Chenonceau This last photo was posted on Jesse's FB page, but I could not make it bigger - sorry.


Dale said...

I know your frustration with tardiness. When that would happen to me, while I was teaching in the Air Force, I would (facetiously) make a big dramatic bit about how the whole class would gladly wait on one student to get his or her act together. Of course that was the Air Force with a captured class, but it worked for the most part. That would be a little hard to do with two students that are paying for your time. You might just try starting without them and leave when your time is up. Maybe they would get the hint about starting on time. Then when they do get there and are ready to start on time, you could reward them with the "freebie". Just a suggestion from the peanut gallery!

Looks like your mom, Craig and Jes are having a good time!

Buck said...

You and Cheryl need to talk, no? ;-)

It's been SO long since I've been rushed that I really do think I've forgotten what it feels like. I kinda-sorta remember the "too much to do, too little time" thing but just barely. These days I parcel "things" out so I never have more than one big thing per day... if that.

The French châteaux are the finest, best-kept castles in the world... IMNSHO. I think the relative lack of civil war(s) had a big impact on that.

Bag Blog said...

Dale, When I taught school, I had a great way of dealing with tardies, but I no longer have that authority - Queen of the Classroom.

Buck, never having been to France, I have not seen their castles. I would like to see the ones in Germany. It seems the English had lots of problems with religion vs. kings which caused lots of turmoil and castle destroying, but you would think that the French Revolution would have destroyed lots of castles too.

Buck said... would think that the French Revolution would have destroyed lots of castles too.

Well, it didn't do the Bastille any favors, that's for sure! But my reading and knowledge of French history tells me the destructive aspects of the revolution were pretty much confined to Paris. And there wasn't much open warfare between between factions... it was over pretty quick. Except for the executions...

Jo Castillo said...

I can't imagine your day. Sounds way too familiar. Hope you catch up and enjoy the classes. I'm anxious to see the portraits.

Looks like the girls are having fun!