Friday, November 05, 2010


I don’t have much this morning. Last night’s art guild meeting took all the oomph out of me. I just keep thinking, "One more week…" After this art show, you can stick a fork in me, and I will be done. Well done! Last night one of the ladies at the bored (pun) meeting made a several snide remarks about the upcoming show – saying the show was going to be judged by a "librarian." Our judge does run an arts reference library in OKC. The library also has an art gallery and the librarian has an art degree. A well-known art gallery in The City recommended this judge, but maybe that is not good enough for Duncan. The truth is that the judge could have all the art credentials in the world, and someone would still complain. Some would complain over anything. Personally, I think most anyone with eyes could judge a show. It all comes down to individual likes and dis-likes. I’ve stood before a ribbon winning painting and thought, "What the heck?" Still, the snide comments were irritating, and I’m tired of being irritated. I kept my mouth shut and held on to the thought that it is almost over.

I also focus on the fun part of the show – seeing all the different art and artists and working with my Painted Ladies. Jesse and Lindz both have artwork in this show. Sarah Ann, my longtime student and friend also has a pastel in the show. It will be fun to see them present their work in public and watch the reactions of everyone involved. I do like people watching.

If anyone asks me to coordinate the show next year (in the words of my infamous Cousin Judy) just shoot me if I start to say yes.
This is the pastel I have been working on for the show.
I call it "Lady Bug."


Andy said...

Lou, I love the painting. Really love it.

What is it about some people that they MUST be a royal pain in the arse? As I told you before, my Mom was in charge of the Shreveport Ceramics Show (which was a pretty big deal at one time with about 150 booths/exhibits/vendors, etc.)

The hardest part of it for her was not the work, but all the beyotching from the members.

Don't do it again. Stop it, young lady! Or, we shall send you to your room!

Buck said...

I know the inspiration for that pastel (he said, with a big ol' grin).

What Andy said about the art show. Do it again and I'll spam your comments section next year with old quotes from YOU.

wv: praha, which is Czech for Prague. I kid thee not. Is this some sort o' SIGN?

Dale said...

“I kept my mouth shut and held on to the thought that it is almost over.”

I know where you get this from...
you have a peacekeeper spirit like your mom.;-)

I love "The Lady Bug" beautiful!!

Bag Blog said...

Andy, Thanks. Painting the GGs is easy. Working with crazy people is not so easy, but I promise not to do it again.

Buck, Yep GBN1 is inspirational! No need for the spam. And yes, you it is a sign. A couple of weeks ago, I visted a friend who told me she had been to Prague when it was still communist. She said it was amazingly different than it is today. She said she loved visiting Prague anytime, but it had become more commercial/tourist-ee.

Jo Castillo said...

This is precious! I feel for you with the Guild. I was so happy to step down as officer in the Pastel Society. Sigh of relief! Been so busy this week with First Friday and painting.

I, too, look forward to Thanksgiving. Love it.

Bag Blog said...

Dale, I'm not so sure my mom would have remained quiet - she lived with Dad for 50 years.

Jo, it has been busy here, and I'm ready for things to be slower. I'm ready for some turkey and family.