Thursday, November 04, 2010

Out of My Way

Yesterday was my last oil portrait class – yeha! With the Duncan Art Guild Holiday Show coming up next week, I’m as busy as a one legged man in a butt kickin’ contest. I feel like I’m getting my butt kicked, anyway. Actually the whole DAG art show is going well so far. It is just getting down to the wire – making me have to think more than usual – a painful process for us procrastinators (I love alliteration). I also love the feeling of getting things out of the way. When this art show is over, this fat lady will be singing.

This weekend we may host the Tour de Velma by inviting some bicyclists over for a ride around the area and then dinner. Don’t worry, other than cleaning the house, I’m not gonna knock myself out over this. I have a frozen lasagna to just put in the oven. Bagged salad is good too. Open a few bottles of wine (contraband) and everyone will be happy. And I will have one more thing out of the way.

Once these things are out of the way, I can concentrate on building my house and maybe start thinking about Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. There is just something about getting together with family and not having to buy them a present that makes me happy.


Andy said...

There is just something about getting together with family and not having to buy them a present that makes me happy.

Heh! Maybe that's why I love Thanksgiving, too.

Found out yesterday that I'm going to have to fill in at work on Thanksgiving...and, that's okay. Some younger folks with young families want the time off, so I offered to.

I've had a lot of Thanksgivings with family, so Christmas will be the next time I'll be with everybody. I'm not buying any of them a present, though. It will be my Thanksgiving, and I don't give gifts on Thanksgiving!

Buck said...

Bagged salad is not only good, it's GREAT! Especially when you're "cooking for one." I began eating a lot more salads once bagged lettuce hit the market; prior to that I just HATED throwing out half heads of lettuce and various and sundry moldy gelatinous things in the crisper.

I think the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving USED to be right up there but nowadays it signals the beginning of Depression Season. (Just kidding. Sorta.)

Andy: You're a good guy!

Staci said...

Don't let those bicyclists drink contraband and drive! :)

I am not a fan of any holiday; there's a lot more hype than "meat" usually. I used to offer to be "on call" and use that as an excuse to just spend a quiet day around the house rather than do the holiday thingy.

Andy said...

Buck, Andy: You're a good guy!

Oh no, Buck! I was just trying to MAKE MYSELF LOOK GOOD.

Think, "Holiday" = "Double Time."

And also think, "Jeepers, I did NOT want to have to hear Pam's uncle argue with her brother about religion, and Texas football."


Bag Blog said...

Andy, We avoid topics like religion, but Texas football is agreeable to us. We usually have our own game of football in the front yard, which is a great family tradition. Christmas time, we buy toy guns and shoot each other.

Buck, I think it is time for a change. Do something new and different this holiday season.

Staci, I like the idea of quiet time at home.

All, I like my family and I like food - so I like T-Day. Christmas on the other hand, is not so great.

Buck said...

...argue with her brother about religion, and Texas football."

Isn't that the same subject, to a Texan? There ain't NUTHIN as empty as Main Street in a Texas small town on Friday nite. The deepest Sahara is a beehive of activity by comparison.

I stand corrected on your motivation. Silly me. ;-)

Lou: Is that "something different" an invite? (put another grin thingie here)

Buck said...

correction: Friday nite IN THE FALL. Obviously.

Andy said...

Oh yeah, Buck! And, Uncle just happens to be a Longview Lobo supporter...the most obnoxious of ALL Texas High School fans.

Seriously, you have to KNOW somebody to get a ticket to their games. They play in a stadium that would make small colleges drool.

And, losing can still cause riots.


Bag Blog said...

Buck, Actually, it was an invite. You can come here for the holidays anytime. Be prepared - if it is my family you cheer for Aggies. If it is Toby's family, you cheer for TT. If you are like me and you want to rock the boat, cheer for the Aggies no matter that it is Toby's family.

Andy, since my ol' alma mater, Wichita Falls High School, hasn't had a winning season since the mid70's, there is no point in bringing up high school football. And as for Longview - pfft.

Andy said...

And as for Longview - pfft.

Agreed! As a NW Louisianian that MUST hear about East Texas high school football ad nauseating, it wears really thin...real quick.

Wichita Falls, huh? Interesting. I went to college at LA Tech with a guy from Wichita Falls named Henry Hereford. Class of 75.

Wait a minute...he was from Kickapoo...never mind...

Buck said...

Buck, Actually, it was an invite.

And here I was, just being a smart-ass. I'll think on that... but the chances are slim to none in reality. I've developed this tradition over the past 12 years or so of being completely alone for the holidays. It's a long story and not one suitable for public comment... not to mention boring you to tears.

And since I'm agnostic about Texas football it wouldn't bother me in the least to cheer for EITHER side. I might could learn some new Aggie jokes, too.