Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is the Fat Lady Singing?

After voting early yesterday morning, I avoided news channels. It is just a personal thang, but I hate all the talking heads and the speculation. I would rather wait until morning and hear the results. At 7:00 PM last night when the news channels started their election speculation, I nearly came unglued. Good grief! The polls just closed here! What could they possibly have to say? We put on a movie at that point.

This morning, we turned on the news and all was well. The world is still revolving and life is still happening. I was a bit disappointed that Jari Askins did not win Governor of OK. She is from Duncan and does a lot for the area. I see her at all sorts of functions here. She ran a positive campaign, and I thought she was more qualified that Mary Fallin. Although Jari has never been a mother, she has not had an affair and gotten divorced either. I just like Jari.

I'm glad it is all over. Politics are yuck. I did see a news blurb yesterday on some candidate from somewhere in the US who used to be a madam/hooker. The blurb showed her giving a speech and saying something like: All politicians are whores, and I'm probably best qualified to deal with them.


Buck said...

All politicians are whores, and I'm probably best qualified to deal with them.

Ya gotta admit: the woman DOES have a point. ;-)

joyce said...

I just read on the internet that Oklahoma banned sharia law! Wow Now the rest of the states need to follow Oklahoma's lead! Way to go Oklahoma!!! wow

how was it worded on your ballots?

Jo Castillo said...

Ditto over here. The news and negative campaigns are so bad. We got Rick Perry, gov., for a third term. Guess we pay his $10,000 a month rent for a while longer. The democrat said he would live in a double wide ... right!

Buck said...

I want a double wide.