Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Box of Boxes

The mail lady came flying up the driveway this morning honking her horn and causing the dogs to bark. She does this when she has a package for us. Today she was in quite the hurry trying to get out all the last minute election fliers. I’d have rather she just kept them, but instead, she handed me a handful of fliers while complaining about how much trouble they were. Then she got out of her vehicle, which was a first, flipped open the hatchback, took out a big box, and handed it to me while continuing her rant on election flyers. Then she roared off down the driveway in a cloud of dust. Hmm, I wasn’t expecting anything in the mail?! Then I saw the return address, and I started laughing – I knew what was coming. I carried the big box inside and hollered for Jesse to come see. We opened the box together – me laughing while Jes looked on in wonder. I was right. It was a box full of boxes from Buck. He sent me cigar boxes with this little note.
It just tickled me pink. Of course there was a moment when I thought, "Like I need more junk!" But I do love boxes.


Andy said...

HA! Good ol' Buck!

Hey Buck, I could use a couple of cigar boxes myself.

(Filled with twenties).

Bag Blog said...

If you get a twenty and I don't, I'm gonna be upset.

Buck said...

When I went to the P.O. the lady asked if I wanted delivery confirmation. I told her "Nah. I'll know." But I wasn't expecting a post!

Use 'em in good health! ;-)

Bag Blog said...

One good turn deserves another. I will use them, for sure.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, what fun.