Monday, November 01, 2010

Weekend Project

Jesse has posted her own photos of the trip to France. She took my Canon Power Shot SX210 rather than her larger Canon to France. For some reason, while in France she put her photos on Nina's computer - I guess she did not realize what a large card I had bought for my little camera. One of the first things Jes said to me when she landed back in the USA was that I would have to wait to see her photos, because Nina had them, and that Nina would have to burn them and send them. Well, Nina did send them, but I still have not seen them yet. I guess Jesse wanted to post her own photos on her own blog rather than have her mother steal them and post them here. Imagine that!

This weekend, Toby and I built our first pergola. Toby knew what he wanted in an outdoor kitchen, but he had not really decided on what to build over the two east doors. Here in OK where it often rains sideways, cover is important in protecting windows and doors from the elements. We had considered ordering some awning things to put over the doors, but we worried what the Okie wind would do to such flimsy thangs. I came up with this pergola idea, and we gave it a try. Toby and I never see eye to eye or have the same vision in our heads when we start a project. But flying by the seat of our pants is okay. In fact, our family motto could be, "What the hell." Here is a fridge magnet that Jes bought for us describing our life fairly well.

And so, we built our first pergola, which I kept calling a "perbala." Then, being funny, I just referred to it as a "hyperbole," and it is rather an exaggeration. The pergola is not quite finished. We never finish a project like this in one day for several reasons. First, we never have the right materials since we don't actually know what we are building. Second, the project often takes on a life of its own, and we change the design while building. Third, we often screw up and have to tear down and rebuild. Sometimes stuff happens. It is always an interesting process. I will post photos of our work later when the sun comes up.


Buck said...

OK... I had to google pergola which seems to require vines, by definition. So what sorta foliage are y'all considering?

And "what the Hell" always works for ME.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I think vines are an option, but we are considering vines eventually. Toby likes trumpet vines, but we will probably have to do some research on what grows well in the Okie weather and soil. I envison some hanging baskets.