Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Jesse and I went to The City yesterday. We bought clay and glazes and other pottery supplies. We visited a friend in the hospital. We ate lunch at Ted's. I had a great day with my girl. Freedom is grand.

You will be glad to know that a friend called to talk to me about another art show. She wants to do a youth show, which I am not opposed to, but she has some big and wild ideas. I am more the KISS sort of person. She was soliciting my help and getting my thoughts. "Heck no" was pretty much my thought and my words to her. Aren't you proud of me?

If you are interested in artillery, military, cavalry, Ia Drang Valley, etc, my cousin posted thishttp/://www.commandposts.com/2010/11/artillery-in-the-ia-drang-valley. It was written by my uncle.


Andy said...

Aren't you proud of me?


I'm opening up the link to your uncle's work. I'll be sure and give it a read.

Buck said...

So... the first thing I read: ...after thirty days on board the USNS Rose. I spent nearly that long on the same ship, believe it or don't. The family and I sailed in her from Istanbul to NYC in 1958. I'm sure we had a better time.

Good On Ya for sayin' "no." What the captain SHOULD have said... "Not only no, but HELL NO!"

wv: syzinsfo. I think that's DEA code for taking stuff during a San Francisco drug bust, e.g., "Where didja get the Vette?" "Oh, it was syzinsfo."

Bag Blog said...

Sailing with your family from Istanbul to NYC sounds very exciting. You have led the life.

"Syzinsfo" made me lol. Thanks.

Andy, the link to my uncle's story is pretty good, but what always amazes me about his time in the Ia Drang is that they fired so many rounds that they melted the big barrels of some of the guns.

Junk Diva said...

Very proud, it feels good to say no at times. AH.. free at last!

Jo Castillo said...

So proud of you! I hope "no" rubs off on me!
I'll go check the article.