Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Holiday Art Show

Friday night we had our big Holiday Art Show reception. Did I mention that I wanted to call it "The Really Big Shew," since we have been putting on miniature shows the last few years. I was out-voted :)
This year's show was quite the hit. The food table got lots of compliments (my friends Barb and Mike). Woods and Waters Winery came and gave away "tastes" of wine. The art itself was well liked. Of course, we had the usual complaints on the judge – the "why did she pick that?" But then everyone has a different opinion. I took some photos of the art, but forgot to get one of the "best in show," which I will do today before we break down the show. I was not impressed with it myself, but the artist is a favorite around here.
Here is the first place oil by Janet Lovelace, which I loved. It was painted near Taos, NM.
Jesse did very well.
Her pottery won second place in the 3D category.
Her photo of Ranger won third place.
Her oil got an honorable mention.
In watercolor, I got a first and second place. Like I said, you never know what a judge will choose. I really thought my friend Barb would beat me in watercolors.

I do enjoy the shows. It is a fun social event. When people are raving about how great the show is, I start thinking, "I could do this again." Then someone will rag on the judge, and sanity returns. Funny how flattery can move you.
Since the art show was at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum, the GGs got to play on some of the museum's exhibits. GBN2 said she was a "cowboy." When someone pointed out that she was a cowgirl, she said, "I'm just pwetendin'." Sorry that the photo is not in focus, but I did not have my glasses on and could not see the camera very well.


Buck said...

Wow! You Barker-Baggetts cleaned up! And rightly so. Congrats!

The out-of-focus pic looks like a watercolor... and I KNOW you could have passed it off as such.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Like I said, you never know how a judge will judge, but I can't complain.

Andy said...

Lou, ain't you glad it's over?

The watercolors are really cool. Even though the SS Minnow won first place, I think I like the street scene better. Not sure why...hang on, let me go back and see why...

Okay...I got it. The shadows are perfect. Not that there is anything wrong with the boat painting...but there's just something about the shadows in the second one, and the look on the face of the young fellow in front.

Plus, the bench is just SO in the right place, and completely authentic to the scene.

Good work!

Don't put the show on again. If you do, we will shoot you.

Just sayin'...

Bag Blog said...

Andy, my pizza men just made me lol while painting them. I think that is what the judge liked to - they are happy. But then the boat is happy too - I actually call it "Happy Boat."

Now for some me time. No more art shows.

Andy said...

No more art shows.

We're gonna hold you to it. If I come around here next Fall, and see you writing about putting on another art show, I'm gonna do what I did when Mom said she was going to "brave it one more year."

Man, I miss her...

Jo Castillo said...

Congratulations to the Baggetts! Wow all the pieces are so good. I love the Pizza men, too. Your watercolors are always amazing.

No more running shows! Just enter and win!

The table looks lovely, too.

Woo hoo!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

... congrats on the wins!..... all of the ones you posted are great!...