Friday, November 12, 2010

Beginning of the End

When I was a little girl, my dad thought that I was just a fun lovin’ girl, maybe a bit silly, very social, and he probably hoped I would marry well and have someone to take care of me. My mom told him that he was wrong and would be surprised. Well, I do like to have fun, and I am a bit silly. I find humor in most everything. But now and then, I go into "getter done" mode, and it surprises people. Most times, I am a "whatever happens is good" sort of person, and I am content to let someone else lead (as long as they are headed in the right direction :). My brothers will tell you that I am very bossy. I’m not really bossy, but my ideas are definitely better than theirs:) Last year while doing the art show, my Painted Lady friends thought that I was stressed, but I wasn’t. I was focused. They had never seen me take over and be serious and maybe a bit forceful. I don’t think I am a control freak, because there is just too much of that "whatever" person in me. But I do like for things to look and be a certain way – and I don’t mind saying so. I am my father’s daughter.
So yesterday we set up the Holiday Art Show at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. We took art in until 7 PM. We decorated the food tables and hung art. Jesse, Sarah Ann, and Emily (my long time art students) were a big help as were my Painted Ladies. It was a fun time, but lots of work was done and I was worn out last night. Toby and a couple of male art friends helped with moving and setting up the screens. They were great.
We took a little break and had some burgers – picnic style. Sarah kept us entertained.
Late in the evening two of my nemesis showed up and voiced their opinions on the art show setup, which I will consider. I will also consider the fact that they are both negative, contentious women who have given me nothing but heck for the last few years – certainly not any help. I will also consider my attitude toward them and seek other opinions on the set up of the show. Most of all, I will think, "Just three more days of this, and it will all be over."


Buck said...

Mmmmm... Braum's! I had to stare at that pic for about 15 seconds -- thinking "What IS that on Lou's foot!?!" -- until it hit me that it was the sole of your shoe. 15 full seconds. No kidding.

Hang in there. And remember that famous Latin phrase: Illegitimi non carborundum.

Dale said...

I will say you are your father's daughter, and that ain't a bad thang at all!! I will have to agree though with your brothers on the Bossy bit at least when you were oh say 9 or 10 maybe. Of course I would have done anything you told me to do back then!

I don't believe I would have been so polite with the two ladies that showed up after all of the work was done. I believe I would have invited them to please do the next show themselves, but in the meantime stick it in their ear or some other orifice !

Junk Diva said...

Some of us are just cursed with " Being right " It's an awful thing to bear, but someone must do it.

Glad it is about over for you!

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Jo Castillo said...

It looks great! I love reading your stuff! word verification is
fattsma ...... oh, no!