Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

When I was a teen-ager one of my favorite things was getting up early and going out with my dad. Sometimes we hit the junkyards looking for parts for my old truck. Sometimes we went to jr. varsity football games. Sometimes, we just kicked around Wichita Falls. One Veteran's Day, Dad took me to all the war memorials around town. It was a great lesson on what Veteran's Day was all about. But the best lessons on Veteran's Day came from my Uncle Bobby (Dad's baby brother). If you have followed my blog in the past, you know my Veteran's Day stories. You probably already know how much I love my Uncle Bobby, Retired Lt. Col. Robert L Barker, and his family. You know he did three tours in Vietnam. You know that one of those tours included the Ia Drang Valley. You know that his youngest daughter was born while he fought in that battle. You know that Jesse and I spent two Veteran's Days in Washington DC at the Ia Drang Veteran's reunions. You know that those were life-changing experiences. Although you could do a search through my past blogs and see lots of pictures and read lots of stories about those DC trips, I will just link one for you.

Thank you, all who served and are serving.


Buck said...

I remember that post, but I went an looked anyhoo. My hat is off to your Uncle Bobby and all others who served, as well. But especially to the guys who took fire. There's service, and then there's service.

Buckskins Rule said...

Despite my 21 years in Uncle Sam's Navy, I don't quite see myself as a veteran.

When I think of Veteran's, I think of men like you uncle, who served in combat, and the ones who will never return home.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Buck. He is a pretty wonderful uncle too. He raised three girls (my cousins) and they are fun, fun, fun!

BR, I think my father felt the same way. Although he served in the military, he was between WWII and Korea, plus he had a crippeled arm. But for me, all you guys and gals who served are veterans and heroes.