Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Fear of Flying

I kind of liked this.


Buck said...

There's quite a bit of this going around! I saw Gloria Allred (the Leftie/Lib lawyer from El-Eh) quoted on Red Eye last evening, saying much the same thing.

Dale said...

I would not want to be the one doing the pat downs!

Andy said...

NYUK! Lou, I saw that one over at Staci's joint, where she admitted to stealing it straight off of you.

Buck: You know, Gloria ALL RED is a good lookin' old chick. You'd think she could get that did somewhere other than an airport...but, maybe she be a bit too frosty.

Dale: Amen, brother...Amen. I actually wonder how those guys/gals with good sense that work for the TSA (and there are some...retired Soldiers, Airmen, etc.) actually get up and go to work now, knowing that THE JOB requires them to violate decent folk on a random basis.

Hell (ooooops...sorry, Lou)...heck, I'd quit.

Buck said...

Andy: I'd go with "frosty." Besides, what would ya talk about after... how cool the ACLU is? You think about these things when ya get older. ;-)