Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Report

Although it was a bit windy this weekend, the weather was warm for working outside on the house. We are preparing to stucco the outside. Toby and I worked all day Saturday while Jesse went to Tulsa with friends for a half marathon. She did not run the ½ marathon, but went to cheer her friends on and help with their children. Sunday after church, we worked some more, and felt we accomplished lots. It is coming along.

Saturday night the Junk Diva invited us over to celebrate her husband’s (the Junk Hunk) 50th birthday. It was great fun – lots of visiting and joking about being old. We each took 50 of something as a gift. Toby and I gave him five pairs of gloves – 50 fingers. Most people gave 50 pieces of candy or something along those lines. We also played a few games. One of the games was an intelligence test of sorts. We split the crowd into women and men and went to separate rooms to work on the test. The women beat the men by far – no surprises there. Here are some examples of the test:
26 L of the A
7 D of the W
7 W of the W
12 S of the Z
66 B of the B
Some of my favorites:
15 M on a D M C
3 B M (S H T R)
101 D
You can find more of these mind teasers here. We had 50 of them to work.

Last night the GGs came to spend the night. We will have them all day today while their parents are in The City. GBN1 is doing great. She finished her school for the day and is out in the barn with Aunt Jes. GBN2 is struggling. She seems to be in destructive mode. She got the scissors and cut up something of Aunt Jes'’- fortunately it was not something too important – still it is the principle of the thing. Her latest exploit was to step on the pedal of the pottery wheel while Aunt Jes was trying to throw a pot. She had been told not to do it, and yet the temptation was too much. Aunt Jes gave her a good talkin’ to, which was hard on both of them. And yes, Booboo does get on to her. At the moment GBN2 is in timeout and has fallen asleep. Maybe that will fix the problem.


Buck said...

Here are some examples of the test:

Είναι όλα τα ελληνικά μου. Which is Greek for "It's all Greek to me." I don't do well on "brain teasers;" my mind ain't built that way. But I'll kick your butt at Trivial Pursuit. (That was a generic "your.")

What? No pics from the weekend?

Finally... Is GB#2 in the throes of the Terrible Twos?

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I have to admit to being pretty much brain dead when it came to playing the "intelligence test." I embarrasssed my self several times. I do love me some Trivial Pursuit. You are on, with one stipulation - Jesse is on your team.

Dale said...

I was able to get all of them but

12 S of the Z and 3 B M (S H T R).

You'll have to help with those Lou!

Bag Blog said...

Dale, there were lots more and much more difficult.
12 signs of the zodiac
3 blind mince (see how they run)

Buck said...

You are on, with one stipulation - Jesse is on your team.

I'm thinkin' you might get shot with stucco for that. ;-)